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Every player starts somewhere. And those early moments, however small, are especially critical. This is when young players learn good habits, good form and good stance—not to mention a love of the game. Teach your child to hit a baseball with this step-by-step guide.

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Most importantly, stay patient and focused on the fundamentals. First, keep in mind that smaller players need smaller bats. Begin with the lightest youth baseball bat you can find that meets your local league guidelines, and work your way up from there. When in doubt, use the arm test: Have your child hold the bat with their arm extended outward, parallel to the ground. If the bat is an appropriate size, they should be able to hold it for about 30 seconds without their arms drooping.

Always consult with your coach or local league before purchasing a youth baseball bat. Many leagues do not permit composite bats, for example.

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The lighter the number, the lighter the bat—and the lighter the bat, the easier it is to swing. Most youth bats range between and Right-handed batters should wrap their left hand below the right.

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Their grip should be snug but not too tight, and knuckles should align. And of course, hand position should be switched for lefties.

Teach yourself batting

To make sure that your batting stance is up to par, place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and get into a good athletic stance. Your step should be toward the pitcher and not open or closed off. Also, in regard to your step, make sure you land on your heel rather than your toes. This will increase both your leverage and your rotational body speed which, in turn, should improve your hitting performance.

Incorporating lower body and shoulder strength not only helps better your power, but also increases bat speed.

If you efficiently use your lower body and maximize your forward momentum during your swing, this should also take some strain off your arms. A key to utilizing your legs is to channel your forward momentum into your hips.

When you rotate, put an emphasis on getting your hips around and into the swing. You should learn how to control your lower half and back side of your body. When working on your hitting mechanics, break the process down into simple bits and pieces.

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Think of it as three easy actions: step, spin and swing. This is where you will begin to build your forward momentum by rocking back and then stepping toward the pitcher. Remember to land on your heel and channel this momentum into your lower body. SPIN As you are stepping, begin to rotate your hips to build power. SWING Your swing should take a circular approach around the body and be angled slightly upward for the best attack on the ball.