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inextinguible definition: Adjective (comparative more inextinguible, superlative most Origin From Middle French inextinguible and its source, Latin inextinguibilis.

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Elizabeth is too young to realize she holds the world in her small yet strong palms. Elizabeth is eleven now. Her mother watches her with solemn warmth as El stops asking her to tuck her in at night.

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She is too young to understand that her imagination is the food of life. El is now eighteen. She knows how heartbreak can roll your soul between its iron fingers and spread it thin- like she remembers the pancake batter as it hits the inferno-ignited pan all those Sundays ago. The walls of her bedroom are navy blue like a night sky that leads to infinity. Strong cardboard boxes line the walls, securing her memories within their parameters. Swingsets are a dream behind her and may as well be folded neatly into one of the boxes in her room.

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She is too old to see that while she gets older, they are too. Over a decade has passed, and El is now thirty-two. She has a preoccupied, yet loving husband, a four-year-old son, and a small yet comfortable home. Elizabeth watches him in wonderment as he pretends the bathtub is a bottomless ocean. Elizabeth is now held between the weathered pages that she knows create the last chapter of her life.

Both her mother and father have passed. The seconds begin to slow. She is always waiting. Always counting the seconds as they ooze through the narrow tunnel of time, like morphine drips into a bottomless IV bag. The stillness of her existence so quiet, she can almost hear the hands of a clock ticking between her ears. Her son is older now, and off with his own family like she once was. Her irises are still burning embers of orange and gold , but they are held with leathery skin and deep set wrinkles.

She questions how children can be so amazed with a bottle of bubble soap. Elizabeth watches as children run with dirt smudged faces down streets until they pinch into nothingness. The days drag on as she anticipates the burning glow of the sun as it sets. She finds herself the way she began; with a little bit of nothing, and everything to create. I keep getting the dates and names mixed up for history class.

Hugo gave her his best apologetic smile, shifting from one foot to the other. He knew he had studied all weekend, and Mother did as well, but she only leaned over and kissed his cheek goodbye, leaving a smear of red lipstick behind. He watched from the doorway as she took one final check in the mirror, and then waited with Father in the front hall, the chandelier above making the rubies at her throat look like drops of blood. Xavier emerged from upstairs, scowling and pulling on his dinner jacket.

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Reaching over, Mother clasped his upper arm, her nails digging into his jacket as she steered him out of the ornate front door. When it closed behind them with a click, Hugo sat on one of the couches in the library and looked out the window down onto the darkened grounds below. He could see himself reflected in the glass, black hair and pale skin standing out against the dark night.

Y ou can enter as many pieces as you wish; entry is free. If it meets the cut whether or not you win it will be published in a mini anthology. You will be notified there is no timeframe by email, if your piece is chosen and be invited to participate in the fundraising initiative.

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Thank you! To donate, click here and choose from the dropdown menu. However, using her powers has a big downside for Caitlin: now, the Killer Frost side of her personality has taken over. Meanwhile, Joe breaks Wally out of his cocoon. She concocts a serum to stabilise him. Barry agrees to this. Across four episodes of fun, the assembled heroes of The CW go up against The Dominators, an invading alien species.

In these episodes, everyone learns about Flashpoint.

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This happens because Barry, many years in the future, sends a message through time to Rip Hunter of the Legends: future-Barry told present-day-Rip that Flashpoint had changed the timeline, and the speedster warned the time-traveller not to trust him. In the end, everyone just about puts their issues with Barry to the side for long enough to defeat the invading aliens. Also, in an important piece of housekeeping, Cisco creates a device that will allow Supergirl to move between dimensions with less hassle. After the crossover comes the important Rachel-Talalay-directed episode The Present.

In this one, Barry works with Jay to track down and defeat Alchemy.

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This stone allows Savitar to take a physical form. Savitar remains intangible. Team Flash finds a way to use Julian to communicate with Savitar.

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Savitar displays a keen knowledge of Team Flash, and intones a dark prophecy: one of them will fall, one will betray the others, and one shall suffer a fate worse than death. Savitar also explains that he is imprisoned because of Barry. They succeed in doing this, but Barry is thrown forward in time as a result. In the final moments of the mid-season finale, Barry witnesses a shocking future event: Savitar stabbing Iris to death. Barry returns to the present. Wally gets a Kid Flash costume. Barry gets his job back. Jay tells Barry that the future is not set, but Barry — understandably enough — is still shaken by the things he saw in the future.

As well as the death of Iris, Barry also witnessed a future news report, which alludes to several things: the villain Plunder going on trial, the Music Meister getting a book deal, Caitlin becoming Killer Frost, the STAR Labs museum closing, and so forth. If they can change small details like this, perhaps they can stop Iris from dying.

For instance: the future news report mentioned that The Flash captured the robber known as Plunder, so when that villain emerges, Barry gets Wally to catch him instead. Kid Flash gets the credit, instead of The Flash. It turns out that inter-dimensional travel is illegal on Earth Gypsy has similar powers to Cisco, and the two strike up something of a rapport. They also end up in a fight to the death, when Cisco demands a trial by combat on H.

Cisco ends up winning, but he stops short of killing Gypsy. Gypsy heads home. Barry comes up with the idea of training up Wally to defeat Savitar. Perhaps Wally could be. They do a lot of training, and they also work together to defeat a Metahuman that can decompose people with just a touch. Barry - having heard about a gorilla attack on Central City in his vision of the future - sees another opportunity to alter the news reports. Team Flash heads to Gorilla City, and promptly get captured by Grodd who they dumped there in a previous season.

There is a big CGI fight in an arena, which Barry wins. Instead, he keeps Team Flash hostage and plans an attack on Earth Barry fakes his own death in order to be removed from the cage. This barmy plan succeeds, and the gang escapes back to Earth They believe, because Cisco is now out of his reach, that Grodd cannot open a portal to Earth However, Grodd is revealed to have a brainwashed Gypsy on his side, and the gorilla invasion of Earth-1 Central City takes place the following week.

Grodd tries to mind-control an army general into bombing the city, but Barry stop this plan. And then, in order to stop the gorilla invasion, Barry brings Solovar to Earth-1 and allows him to defeat Grodd. In romantic news: Jesse decides to stay on Earth-1 so she can be with Wally; Julian asks Caitlin on a date; and Barry proposes to Iris, which she accepts. With the full stone, Savitar would be able to escape. This backfires in spectacular fashion, as Savitar emerges from the Speed Force immediately and forces Wally to take his place in the grim Speed Force prison.

Barry and Savitar have a brief scuffle. Barry heads into the Speed Force in the next episode, opening the door to manifold cameos.