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Allow the broth to settle for about 10 minutes, then remove any surface fat using sheets of kitchen paper. Now strain the broth again through a fine sieve back into the wiped clean original pan. Take the cooled heads of garlic and ease out the soft cloves from their sodden skins.

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Tip these into a small food processor, add the olive oil, parsley leaves and a spoonful or two of the broth. Process until smooth. Return to the broth, stir and reheat without boiling, then decant into a warmed soup bowl. Serve with some large baked sourdough croutons, which will soften and swell in the broth while retaining a pleasing texture until the final spoonful. But I can live on this for days — it keeps well in the fridge for at least five days.

We ate a lot of coddled eggs on Sunday nights in my childhood, maybe because they are such an easy thing to do and yet so deeply comforting to eat. They can still be hunted down, but if you have no luck, a ramekin or small jam jar makes a good stand-in, especially if it has a lid a covering of foil will also work. The coddled egg is aided by a steamy environment, resulting in a texture similar to that of a poached egg, with a set white and a runny yolk, in contrast to the firmer texture of baked eggs.

Fill The Chicken With Cheese And Fold It. So Easy & Delicious!

It involves cream and smoked haddock, which I cook as instructed by Polly Russell, my dearest friend and co-conspirator on The Kitchen Revolution. Any other smoked fish would work here: my favourite is smoked eel, which needs a touch less butter and probably horseradish instead of the mustard.

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Start by cooking the smoked haddock. If using another smoked fish, it may not need cooking — just flake the flesh and skip to the next step. Put the haddock in a shallow heatproof dish with a lid, season with salt and pepper, and cover with freshly boiled water. Put the lid on and leave to stand: by the time the fish is cool enough to handle, it will be cooked. Flake the fish, removing any skin and bones. The fish-cooking liquor has excellent flavour and is worth keeping for anything you might need fish stock for — just bring it to the boil before chilling and freezing in ice-cube trays.

Meanwhile, mix the cream, mustard and parsley together. Grease the egg coddler, jar or ramekin with a little of the melted butter, then stir the rest of the butter into the parsley and cream mixture, along with the flaked fish. Put two-thirds of the fish mixture in the coddler, crack an egg on top and scatter the rest of the fish mixture on top, without breaking the yolk. Half-fill a saucepan with water and bring to a simmer, then lower the coddler into the pan — the water should come two-thirds of the way up the sides of the coddler.

Cook for minutes or until the egg white is just set. Serve immediately with buttered toast. Serve with salad greens, sliced blood orange and toasted pumpkin seeds for a simple lunch or dinner. For one jacket potato, sit the scrubbed but not peeled potato in a small baking dish on a square of baking parchment.

If you have smoked paprika , add a few pinches to the sizzling bacon at the end. When the potato is ready, remove it from the oven and cut the top quarter off. The best way is to lay it on a chopping board on one side and use a pair of tongs to steady it, or a carving fork poked through the middle. Scoop a few teaspoons of potato out from the bottom section and discard or throw into a soup or frittata and dig into the flesh with the spoon to rough it up so the bacon fat will seep in. Sprinkle on some salt , then spoon the bacon and fat from the pan back into the cavity.

Sit the top back on and bake for another 12 minutes. Take the top off the potato and pack this in on top of the bacon. Roughly crumble 30g feta and sprinkle it on as well. Sit the top back on and drizzle the whole potato with extra virgin olive oil , a splash of lime juice , and some smoked salt or regular salt.

The Guardian and Observer aim to publish recipes for sustainable fish. Spread the rice out on a plate to cool while you get on with the rest of the recipe. Serve hot, either by itself, or topped with a softly cooked egg and spiced greens. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Meals for one Observer Food Monthly's 20 best recipes. Eggs Fish Soup Indian food and drink Food recipes.

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Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Stir the oil into the melted butter to use for basting. Baste and season with another teaspoon of salt.

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Roast for 15 minutes, then rotate back to its left side, baste and season with the remaining teaspoon of salt. Roast another 15 minutes. Rotate the chicken back onto its back, breast up.

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Remove the chicken from the oven and transfer to a hot platter. Let rest 5 to 10 minutes before carving , serving with its juices and roast vegetables.

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