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I Mean you don't see a lot of obese people in Asia and Africa running around blaming hyper thyroids, or genetics, or big bones LOL. The first thing the military does is ruler test you, to get an average of your health. You, and so many who comment like you, don't get it at all. The response of their bodies to the fullness calms them enough to intelligently respond to all their life issues: emotional, physical, etc. Therefore, by the time their brain has reached logic mode, the overeating has already taken place.

I really get tired of this You cannot make energy appear out of nowhere.

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If you are fat you took in more than you used and probably for a long time. I don't go around pointing out to people they are fat but I sure as hell am not going to pretend that being obese is a good idea. While there are aspects of what you've said above that is accurate, there are NO experts in this field who say that self control is the main factor.

Jo Catches Up With The Girl Who Never Slept In Her Own Bed - Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance

Metabolism, genetics, stress, poverty - are just a few. Newer research has added the effect of certain viruses, toxins in the environment and more. My feeling is that until we have a REAL cure besides the age old "eat less, move more" that we do need to have compassion for those who are struggling with this issue.

Just like for many behavioral problems - smoking, for example Your post was quite informative however, your article did not emphasize self accountability with the fat people. In as much as there are more opportunities to create healthy environments and channels.. We can only put in a handful of healthy options or lack thereof, at the end of the day you are what you eat. With the exception of people with medical conditions, why are so quick to rationalize or justify bad habits with the stigma of discrimination, granted it's counter productive to discriminate against them but shameful to massage self inflicted behavior.

In all, proper education on the risks and consequences of obesity must be reinforced and shared. A level of civil and personal responsibility will also go a long way to solving the sickening crisis of Obesity. Also, things have changed.

Weight & Body Image Disorders: Causes, Symptoms & Signs

For instance, when I was growing up mL was the size of the bottle for an individual soda. Family size was mL. The type of sugar was cane sugar. Now in the USA, most of it is high fructose corn syrup and in Canada glucose-fructose. Individual servings are now often over mL and family size is 2L and families are smaller. Same goes for the serving size for juice, sports drinks, etc What do you know about it?

You talk about 'the fat people' as if they are a different species. To you, we probably are. And I'm sick to death of thinner people feeling oh-so smug that they aren't fat; almost as if they have an obligation to crap on us. Your 'proper education on the risks and consequences of obesity' is garbage in, garbage out. You don't think we know all this? Oh right, I forgot, all fat people are stupid. There is way more involved and studies show some people are predisposed to it. There is also food addiction. And maybe our issues show physically, but I still wouldn't trade being fat for being a smoker, a cheater, an abuser, and all the other things I see skinny people doing as they are judging fat people.

Look, I am am not calling you stupid, I am not saying overweight person are a "different species", nor saying you don't know what a healthy lifestyle is. But when someone is eating junk all day everyday for example my brother's night nurse When food isn't used for energy, it is made into stored energy or fat to burn later. If you are inactive, this will continue to grow and not burn off. So, therefore obesity is something you can help. Just as any addiction, food addiction can be stopped and fixed.

Think before you eat: "Do I really need this? Am I active today to the point this food is needed?

Healthy Diet

Am I eating simply because of emotions or I simply want to keep that taste in my mouth? Food addiction just as any addiction is something you can help and are fully capable of fixing. As for predisposition, diabetes is something you learn. It is barely genetic in the sense that it's in the family.

I am fine now, but I could develop it genetically. My tip: reduce intake of bad fatty foods like dairy and eggs, cut out or reduce processed foods esp. Seriously if you or anyone here has ever done sports you would know, nearly no matter who you are; if you work out twice a day for a few months, you will see massive results. Stop making excuses for people that simply don't want the help and they don't want to improve.

They are fat and lazy, I'm sorry but thats the truth. Those "experts" your speaking of are either non- existent or retarded. Any physical trainer can take there average thick person and make them relatively buff with a good program. If someone ever explains to you that they are fat because of some stupid hypo thyroidism that is rare as hell. Make sure to ask them if they go to the gym 5 days a week on a dedicated program, with a trainer, and a strict diet regiment. All these people on this website looking for something to blame, but them selves. Even if they have NONE of those, they most certainly have no control over the dozens and dozens of factors which affect weight, such as access to healthy foods, time and a safe place to exercise, underlying medical conditions other than eating disorders, medications, history of long term antibiotic use which can effect gut flora, etc.

Being obese isn't an "idea", "good" or no- it's a height-weight ratio, and nothing more, no matter how much you'd like to justify your prejudice. I was going to comment but you commented so perfectly that I now don't have to do so. I also really, really appreciate that there is an MD on here commenting, thank you Doctor.

Your science cannot be quibbled with, but what you don't know is how food and emotions are inextricably linked for those of us who have a bad relationship with food. Everyone's reasons will be different, but you best believe there will be something, or usually several things, that has started a cycle of eating to feel something other than whatever bad is going on. I still don't really know why I do it. I know that I do it to feel comforted, or feel anything. I recently had the epiphany that the feeling of fullness - uncomfortable as it is - is something that I crave because it makes me feel like I have form and that I exist.

Pretty messed up, huh? I know it is, and I'm nowhere near unraveling the whole mess of crap that is me and food. The point I'm making is that the reasons people are obese are complex and not merely to do with the taking in and expending of energy. Yes, my mother was anorexic, pushed lots of food on me, and said to the growing teenager I was at the time, "if I ate as much as you I would be as big as a house". She ate an apple a day. Don't eat death by chocolate cake horrible stuff anyway , ditch the car and walk everywhere.

The family guide to fighting fat :

Do the house-cleaning weekly, walk to the supermarket and carry your full shopping bags back. Honestly, you will save yourself so much money. And you will get slim! It takes some compassion and education. In my last job, I was at my fattest. Although, I was a far more experienced and talented Design Engineer than the others in my group I was told that when I was hired , I was not taken seriously by my team members.

I hit the gym and dieted and took off the weight and built up muscle. I went from being the fattest team member to the most fit. Suddenly, they were back stabbing me and doing everything they could to sabotage my work. A couple of colleagues from other teams told me it was because I was thin and was now a triple threat.

I flipped them off and left the company and now I work for a great company and have already been promoted. In my case, being fat is what made me safe to be on the team. It was a whole different kind of prejudice. There is no one more frightening to the bigots as a fatty turned fit, it brings out all of their wimpy little insecurities I know some obese people, I know some alcoholics and I also know some drug addicts. The behavior of all three groups is remarkably the same.

For them, nothing is ever their fault. Any negative event that happens in their lives is the fault of somebody else. I assume all three groups are self-medicating to quell some inner pain. If one is a drug addict, alcoholic or obese person then I'm not really all that interested in being more "mindful" of that person.

I'd rather just politely keep my distance because I don't wish to be drawn into their vortex of pity and blame. I think I have a right to distance myself, although this seems to enrage the obese. You'd be surprised that there are quite a few fit former fatties who remember people like you and can kick your skinny, unfit butt This isn't just someone being in a 'vortex of pity and blame', it's a legit issue.

You have the right to care for your mental health by avoiding others who have mental health issues, but don't word it in a way that places the blame upon the shoulders of the sick persons. Not all obese persons are so due to mental health issues. A friend of mine is finally getting his goiter taken seriously, and depending on how they follow up, the doctors said weight loss would naturally follow with little to no effort on his part. For information on what other medical issues that can cause obesity, contact some medical professionals, like an endocrinologist.

Conflating obesity with food addiction is silly- many obese people I've known are fighting the hard battle against their own bodies and eat what would cause many of their thin, fat-shaming peers to become emaciated. We are glad for this! We don't want you in our "vortex". I am obese. I agree, it is a lot like an addiction to substances which science and society now calls an illness worthy of disability benefits. I am also kind, loving, nurturing, and intelligent.

You are the personification of ignorance. It's okay, I'm happy in my alcoholic vortex. I personally wouldn't want you in my personal vortex, and I bet my bottom dollar you have a vortex I would not want to be involved in! So, even Stevens, eh? Would you like a pair of surgical gloves with which to touch the rest of humanity? Be careful - they bite! I have some friends, a couple, who are both obese. I have spent the weekend with them more than once, and I can tell you that they do eat a lot more than most people, and foods that are a lot less healthy.

They just lie to themselves about it. They claim to only eat one meal a day, so they don't count the huge bag of potato chips they polished off because it's not a "meal. They eat chocolate and cheese while watching TV after dinner. They eat in the car. And they don't exercise. So I have to say I disagree with the idea that eat less, move more is not a worthwhile description of how to get healthier.

It's simple, non-shaming, and it works. This section of the website summarizes broad recommendations for improving the food environment, based on a review of expert guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Institute of Medicine, the World Health Organization, and other major governmental, professional, and public health advocacy organizations. Some of the recommendations are aimed at national level change, while others can be implemented at the local level.

For more detailed guidance on these recommendations and ideas for putting them into practice, explore the source list on each page, as well as the links to useful toolkits and other resources. Keep in mind that these recommendations are based primarily on a review of U. Since public buildings and facilities serve people of all ages and backgrounds, setting nutrition standards for food offered in public places or purchased with tax dollars can have an especially broad impact. Here is a summary of recommendations for making healthy foods and drinks more convenient, available, and affordable in places that serve the public.

Institute of Medicine. Local government actions to prevent childhood obesity. Washington, D. Conference of Mayors. Conference of Mayors; Center for Science in the Public Interest. Recommended community strategies and measurements to prevent obesity in the United States. American Academy of Pediatrics. Accessed February 8, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Accessed February 7, C: National Academies Press; Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies.

Policy statement: Soft drinks in schools reaffirmed in Friedman R. Strategies to Prevent Overweight and Obesity. Reducing childhood obesity through policy change: acting now to prevent obesity. Health Aff Millwood. Statement of Policy: Comprehensive Obesity Prevention ; Oakland: Prevention Institute; Communities can use many strategies to make it easier for people to buy fresh, nutritious food close to home, school, and work. It remains to be seen how effective many of these strategies will be at encouraging healthy food choices, and in turn, reducing obesity rates.

Other strategies to encourage consumption of healthy foods, such as taxing sugar-sweetened beverages and limiting food marketing to children, may have a greater impact on food choices. Here is a summary of recommendations for improving the retail food environment in neighborhoods and communities, based on a review of expert guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Institute of Medicine, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Policy and Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity, and others.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Atlanta: U. Mulheron J, Vonasek K. Shaping a Healthier Generation: Successful state strategies to prevent childhood obesity. Leadership for Health Communities. Action Strategies Toolkit: A Guide for local and state leaders working to create healthy communities and prevent childhood obesity. Accessed October 4, Laurent, R, Kohn, D.

Model Local Obesity Prevention Resolution. Players use a variety of weapons and magic spells to kill their enemies, resulting in big, bright red pools of blood and body parts strewn across the screen. Add your rating See all 2 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 11 kid reviews. Players take control of tiny cartoonish soldiers belonging to several classes such as warrior, priest, or ranger and try to accomplish a variety of objectives. While the concept of feeding someone to purposely make them obsese is disturbing, in this world it happens because the cake is cursed and creates an unstoppable craving.

Make no mistake; this is not a game suitable for pre-teens. Online interaction: This is a predominantly online game that facilitates open voice communication between all players. With the right group it can make for a very pleasant social experience. However, a few bad eggs can spoil the experience. Players can mute those who bother them. Families can talk about weight issues and societal perceptions of those who are obese. The game depicts its princesses as being addicted to a cursed cake, but is it possible to become addicted to real, non-cursed food?

Do you think that the game handled its obese characters with tact, or do think it would make overweight players feel humiliated?

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Fat Princess. Bloody but funny game makes obesity a game-changing trait. Rate game.