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It must however be noted that many of these genres of music have evolved over time, and successive generations have left their different imprimaturs on them, so much that some of them now sound differently from what they used to be. The kind of fuji music that can be heard on the streets of Lagos today is different from what it used to sound like about 50 years ago. Fuji is now more sophisticated and diversified.

Nigerian music then and now

It is also interesting to note that the origin of fuji can be traced to the s, which means that genre of music is about the same age with Nigeria. However, some of the new generation music artistes, such as Olamide, Wizkid, 9ice, Reekado Banks, among others, borrow heavily from fuji. People like Flavour and Runtown are currently propagating the gospel of highlife around the world even though it has been modified in several ways.

Famous DISNEY songs - THEN vs NOW (same song comparison)

Highlife is said to have originated from Ghana but it was popularised in Nigeria by artistes like Osita Osadebe, Victor Uwaifo, Victor Olaiya, among others. It still has mass appeal, and both the young and old find pleasure in moving to its rhythm. Meanwhile, music in the northern part of the country is more subdued and it is usually played for religious purposes.

Instruments such as the tambura drum, talking drum and kakaki, an elongated trumpet, are commonly used to produce a type of complex percussion music. In contemporary times, Nigerian music has taken a more exciting turn.

THEN AND NOW: The most iconic country stars of all time

In practice, afrobeats is a medley of African sounds, such as fuji, juju, highlife, afrobeat, waka, apala, hiplife, reggae, among others. Called concoction music by some, afrobeats borrows the best of different styles of music and melds them into the songs we hear on radio these days. Some artistes describe their music as afro-fusion and afro-pop, but they still fall under the wider afrobeats umbrella. The enviable position Nigeria enjoys in the African nay global music space is a pointer to the fact that the country has something the world wants to hear.

Nigerian music has gone on to cross borders and it is very much in demand in places as far-flung as Australia, Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, among others.

Music Then and Now: W. W. Norton StudySpace

Other sub-cultures like poetry, chants and praise-singing, are still very much alive, and they have telling influence on afrobeats. Nigerian artistes have become the toasts of the world, with many foreign artistes seeking them out for collaborations. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of the Nigerian music industry is the lack of a defined structure.

2. You probably dressed up in some pretty interesting outfits.

June 21, Buzz 4 Views. NT BUZZ speaks to a few people to know what they have to say about the music in bygone era and the current popular music, their favourite singers then and now and how they compare music styles today with those of then. These technological advancements can also be seen in music.

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And not everyone likes the music that youngsters generally listen to, like techno, trance, EDM and other genres that infuse technology in their notes. For many, the music of the bygone era is and always will remain their eternal choice.

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So in my opinion the music from bygone era was live and soothing. Even if we see the recording techniques in those days playback singing and the music was recorded live but today everything is digitalised and advanced so anyone can create music with the help of technology and software. Basically the music from the bygone era was limited to one particular musician or singer.

1. Bandanas- Need I say more?

We also see that s, 70s, 80s and 90s era had different styles and every style had its own importance. Nowadays rapping and fusion make up modern music.

Bollywood music is losing its charm as old songs are recreated and are slowly losing its melody. Real music was what was produced in the retro ages of s to Several artistes during that time compiled some great songs that we still enjoy till date. Bryan Adams and Richard Marx are my favourites. We have to return to adopting these styles again to re-evolve from the current EDM and other new pop cultures.