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inextinguible definition: Adjective (comparative more inextinguible, superlative most Origin From Middle French inextinguible and its source, Latin inextinguibilis.

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Popular Posts. Solicitation Alert: LitFire Publishing. Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware Last year, I published a post on the perils of searching for a publisher on the internet Okay, folks, here, at long last, is the first part of my report on iUniverse's advertisement re: giving shelf space to books from their Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass has many of the hallmarks of a young adult fantasy book.

There are witches, talking animals, and a young protagonist destined to save the world. But with mature themes that grapple with religion, death, and consciousness woven throughout this title and the rest of the His Dark Materials series, the book is just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids. Douglas with co-author Mark Olshaker takes readers into the interview room with four killers—and behind the scenes as he preps for those interviews, laying out not just the details of the men's lives and their horrific crimes but how he got the convicts to open up.

Kristen Arnett's first novel, Mostly Dead Things , is an exploration of grief, family, queer love, Florida life, and, naturally, taxidermy. The novel centers on Jessa-Lynn Morton, whose father has just died by suicide in the family's taxidermy shop. In the aftermath, her mother begins making "aggressively lewd art" with the taxidermied animals, her brother shuts down, and Jessa-Lynn becomes the only one holding the family together.

Arnett, who threw the launch party for her last book—the story collection Felt in the Jaw —at her beloved local 7-Eleven which she tweets about near daily , is a writer with a unique voice and a strong sense of weirdness, both of which help make the novel a delightful gem. Long-listed for the Man Booker Prize, Sophie Mackintosh's first novel is a haunting, lyrical book about disasters—environmental, societal, familial, emotional—that takes place in an unnamed location in an unspecified era, one in which all men have been rendered literally toxic.

Growing up on an isolated, fortified island with their parents, sisters Grace, Lia, and Sky are kept an ocean away from any man who isn't their father.

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Each day, they're made to undergo strange, often painful rituals designed to cleanse them of the toxins that their parents say lurk at every turn. But when their father disappears and newcomers arrive at their home, the sisters are forced to reevaluate how they see the world. Ever wonder what's going on in your therapist's head as you're going on and on about your problems? Journalist and psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb explores what it's like on both sides of the patient-therapist relationship in Maybe You Should Talk to Someone , a book that details her experiences treating clients as well as the experience of visiting a therapist herself.

The book is a warm, honest portrayal of people navigating life's big challenges—heartbreak, illness, the trials of marriage, anger issues, and more—that will make you feel like you just came out of a session with a beloved therapist yourself. In a good way, we promise. The biotech start-up Theranos seemed too good to be true: It promised a state-of-the-art process to expedite and improve blood testing for hundreds of millions of people. But founder Elizabeth Holmes trafficked more in fantasy than fact. This comprehensive account of business malpractice reads like a thriller.

Journalist Ben Fritz weaves a tale of Hollywood at a crossroads, with blockbusters and micro-budget horror movies driving out the modestly budgeted dramas that are increasingly winding up on other platforms. From the Sony hack to the rise of Marvel , The Big Picture is an excellent primer on the current state of the movie business. Pearl Harbor , Mount Rushmore , Disneyland : America is full of real places that have been elevated in our national consciousness to imply something bigger.

Author William Zinsser, best known for his indispensable guide On Writing Well , hits the road to understand why these popular destinations—not to say tourist traps—have become icons. He talks with park rangers, cashiers, artists, archivists, and workers who have the perspective to explain the transformation of a South Dakota mountain into a symbol of American character, or a Massachusetts pond into the locus of our yearning for simplicity. Like the best travel narrators, Zinsser takes us along with him on his journey of discovery with enthusiasm and peerless prose.

Spoiler alert: Not everyone survives in this collection of the greatest, most improbable tales of men and women against nature. Near-disaster in the polar regions is recounted by Ernest Shackleton and Douglas Mawson total disaster is covered by Robert Falcon Scott. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay battle to the summit of Everest, while Theodore Roosevelt bushwhacks through the Amazon jungle and barely lives to tell about it.

Maygen wants David but isn't sure she can get over his hurt and betrayal. To make matters worse there is someone out to get her and no one knows who it is. Can Maygen find a way to get over the hurt David caused and let him back in her life? Will she live long enough to make that happen? This is an amazing story about love, loss, and forgiveness. These characters each have to learn to deal with the loss of someone close to them. I like how this author talks about PTSD and how there isn't a quick fix to what is happening in a persons mind while they go through this.

I liked how it showed what can happen to a partner of someone who has this. Over all this is a story that will have you on the edge of your seat from the first word to the very end. There is so much that goes on in this book but as a reader I like to discover things for myself and I will leave that for you as well. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Nov 06, Sophie rated it it was amazing. Dark Corners by A. Madden is a deeply intense, sexy and suspenseful story.

From the beginning of Dark Corners A. Dark Corners is a perfect addition to the Everyday Heroes series. David and Maygen's story was incredible. My love and connection to the characters was instant. From the off A. M weaves a story with so much fire. Fire that starts as a bright spark, that begins to sizzle more fiercely before blooming into huge fla Dark Corners by A. Fire that starts as a bright spark, that begins to sizzle more fiercely before blooming into huge flames, hot to the touch. David is wicked! He's raw, possessive, dominant, strong, sex and pure sin. He's alpha male personified.

Maygen exceeded my expectations, she was fun, strong, sassy and down to earth despite seeming to initially be a perfect princess! In every aspect.

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They have an undeniable connection. I lived and breathed every feeling they both felt. My heart ached for David, his past and his expectations on his future, it ached for Maygen and her struggles to live as she wanted. However a lurking presence filled me as it did the book. M kept me guessing all the time, throwing out twists and turns to push me off course.

I never expected, what actually happened was going to happen, the shocking intense way the story plays out is utterly captivating. I don't think I could read fast enough. Although fast paced, Dark Corners never felt rushed. Sorry Jack! If there's anything that A. Madden can do best is creating amazing, sexy men that every woman would want by her side. After Ben and Nick I really didn't think that she'll be able to create another man that will capture my heart BUT she did it, and did it soooo good!

David Cavello Sexy David is a war vet who spent a few deployments in Iraq. After seeing his best friend getting shot in the head in front of him, he's going through a meltdown and leaves the army. David suffers from PTSD and while trying to handle his new life as a citizen, his friend's death follows him everywhere. The one thing that helps him is Maygen.

They meet by accident and their immediate strong connection is very hard to ignore. They started to date and David finds himself open up to her. He wants to tell her everything about his life but there is one thing that he just can't share, not yet… Maygen can't handle secrets or dishonesty, so when she finds out that David, one of the few people who she really trusts, keeping this big secret from her - everything changes! David's story touched me in so many ways.

I wanted to hug him this whole time and promise him that everything's going to be ok. This is a story about love, forgiveness, trust and so many struggles that your heart will work overtime. View 1 comment. May 03, Jan rated it it was amazing. This is absolutely not the typical story of a spoiled little rich girl who gets swept off her feet by the sexy, hunky bodyguard. It is actually the antithesis of that model for a story, although those elements are there. Dark Corners is far meatier than that! This book takes you to unexpected places and evokes a variety of emotions.

I didn't always love Maygen, and my feelings for David wavered throughout the story, based on where HIS emotions were leading him. I actually enjoyed the range of em This is absolutely not the typical story of a spoiled little rich girl who gets swept off her feet by the sexy, hunky bodyguard.

I actually enjoyed the range of emotions I felt while reading this story because it meant that I was really connecting to these characters. I also loved the unpredictability of the story. For me, this reinforced what I kind of already knew.

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Ann Marie is a very versatile writer and she has assured her readers that, although the genre may stay the same, each of her stories are unique and intriguing. I loved this story and I will continue to read any and all of Ann Marie's books. I hope so!! Apr 10, A. Justice rated it it was amazing. David Cavello is a perfectly broken hero you'll instantly fall in love with.

You'll want to hold him, heal him, and make him yours for life. But you can't, because he's mine. The characters and storyline in Dark Corners have so much depth, heart, and complexities that, as a reader, you can't help but connect with them. David is the loyal former military hero who has his sights set on one person. She sweet, feisty, and the kind of person you'd want as your best friend. From the first word David Cavello is a perfectly broken hero you'll instantly fall in love with. From the first word until the last, you'll be captivated by this book and unable to figure out the secrets, twists, and turns until the exact moment A.

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Perfectly executed and impossible not to feel, the laughs, tears, and heartwarming moments will stay with you long after you read this book. Apr 14, Tracy Holowczenko rated it it was amazing. I have a new 1 BBF. David really is a hero. I love the way a A. Madden shows the evolution of a character. David is very broken emotionally, but it's evident that he doesn't want to live in the dark and his struggle to forget is heartbreaking. Maygen is a breath of fresh air. She's a stong female character who has a great life and is not even looking for a man.

Yet when David literally not sure on her ass the instant connection cannot be denied. Madden has proven to be an exceptional wr I have a new 1 BBF. Madden has proven to be an exceptional writer time and time again. Dec 12, Dawn rated it it was amazing. This is a good book. It's about a vet that has watched his best friend get shot and die and is fighting a battle with PTSD.

He meets this girl who he decides he really likes but he has some serious concerns and fears. Maygen is the daughter of a well-known PR firm owner and right hand to a pretty famous designer. When she literally runs into David while leaving the coffee shop she doesn't know what she's in for. Both good and bad. This story starts a bit slow and has some lulls here and there bu This is a good book. This story starts a bit slow and has some lulls here and there but really picks up toward the last third of the book.

It's a great story of love and friendship and overcoming challenges. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Nov 08, Romance Readers Retreat rated it really liked it. Now finished in the armed forces he's trying to get his life back on track, taking a degree in psychology but his PTSD is holding him back. He's a toured hero plagued with nightmares of his time at war. Then he meets Maygen and she brings light back into his life. Beautiful, independent and stubborn she keeps him on his toes, but our tortured hero struggles with his insecurities that she's too go 3.

Beautiful, independent and stubborn she keeps him on his toes, but our tortured hero struggles with his insecurities that she's too good for him and the baggage he comes with. I found this book to be a different pace to A. Madden's usual work, I found it to be quite slow paced for a good three quarters of the book and then, bam, plot twist I didn't see coming. Madden's usual writing style, lots of action and intense and emotional scenes. I'm rating this book a lot lower than I usually rate her books because of the very slow start, honestly I struggled with it in parts.

I loved the last quarter and the ending, I enjoyed the involvement of characters from previous books who's stories I was incredibly invested in. But with this one I just didn't connect. It could have been down to the slow start or it could just have been me, I'm not ruling that out, it's a strong possibility that I just wasn't in the mindset to read this book at this time and that hindered my enjoyment.

I can only rate it based on my experience but if you are following this series then no doubt you'll be intrigued by David from the last book and his involvement in Angela's story. He's definitely a character that evokes your sympathy and you want to know more about him and understand him better. That being said A. Madden is still one of my favourite authors and someone whose books I always tend to recommend, if you follow her work then you need to read this to complete the story of this group of characters. If you're yet to read her books then definitely give this series a go, start with book one though as although each book is about a different main character, this series as a whole is about a group of characters and they feature in each others books.

I think I probably would have benefitted from rereading the previous book where David was introduced so that the connection I felt to David's character was still there to carry me through, I think possibly if I had my experience reading this book would have been different. His damaged soul just called out to me He is the type of hero you instantly fall in love with and want to do nothing but hug him, showing him you want to be there for him.

Coming from a rich family and being protected by those who love her have not turned her into a snob, rather, she knows and appreciates what she has and looks down on no one. The story grabs you and takes you into a world where the tortured souls want to find a way out of their darkness and the ones who love them are willing to do anything to help them find their light.

The characters are full of complexities and huge hearts, making them real and easy to connect with. I especially loved the way the relationship between David and Maygen developed. With his condition, it was understood that he would have issues opening up and I appreciated reading about the progression, not making it an insta-love where he just opened up like nothing was wrong. Her patience and willingness to be there for him just made me like her even more. I laughed, I teared up a bit, and I was more than satisfied when I got to the last page. Madden continues to give us amazing stories with complex and believable characters that will stay with us long after The End is reached.

I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review. If you've read Author A. Madden before you know this True Heroes series is a different from her Devil's Lair series. The obvious being one is about law enforcers of some type verses a band. It's great to see an author can write about two different tropes and still do well with the storylines. David's brother I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

Maygen is a fashion designer's right hand woman. Being right in the middle of finalizing the fall line and showcase event Maygen is a very busy bee. No time for romance, or so you'd think. Until it runs right into her. David and Maygan have a scalding first meeting. Their getting to know each other stage progresses from there.

Of course there's behind the scenes stuff going on that you find out later in the storyline that you wouldn't suspect was happening. Nothing worth doing is easy. Though can they get through the secrets and omissions? Only the story will tell. I enjoyed reading this book. You never know which way a PTSD sufferer will take you. Dark corners definitely lurk where death and destruction try to take over residence. As David learns how to handle his PTSD without completely shutting down and suffering he leans on Maygen as a support system.

This, I think, is important to his success. Apr 17, Jessica Fay rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite. Madden has yet to let me down!! Dark Corners will not disappoint you! I absolutely love this novel and it is one that I will definitely read again! David is ex-military with PTSD.

He is an extremely strong willed, hot as hell, sweet guy. He may come off as an ass with his harden exterior but once he lets you in, he will love and protect you forever. She is a down to ear A. She is a down to earth, sweet young lady that you would absolutely want in your corner. As we watch the sparks come to life between these two, we also watch the struggles and demons that they each are fighting. My heart broken many times for these two. Can these two strong willed, independent people make it last, or will defeat take them down?

Every time I thought I knew where A. I have been a longtime fan of A. Madden and every novel she writes makes me fall in love with her a little more. I cannot wait to see where this author brings me next!!! Thank you very much A. AM Madden at her best! I loved it!!! The detailed words just flowed so smoothly where I was going from one chapter into the next without any pause, picturing it all in my head so clearly.

I love when a book can suck you into the pages where you feel like you are there with the characters and Dark Corners achieves that. They have so much going on and are both vulnerable in their own insecurities that I was able to empathize with both the characters and their struggles. He is fierce, possessive, quick witted, complex and seductive in the way he pursues Maygen.


I fell hard for this bad boy! I connected so much with this story that I am going to have one serious book hangover!! Apr 10, Amber rated it it was amazing. I was hooked from the beginning. You have David Cavello a war Vet who is a jokester. He like other vets have seen things they wish wouldn't have while at war and struggles with PTSD. He is going to school and his brother in law is also trying to always help him get a job at the FBI headquarters but nothing seems to interest him. Then there is Maygen who works at an expensive clothing store, lives in a nice place, has money and has a little spunk to her.

Guess this comes in since she always had people look out for her and wants her independence. David and Maygen meet in the strangest of ways where instant spark but different ends of the world. He's possessive, funny, and very honest and how he tries to win Maygen over just make you smile. The story of the 2 unfolding is just unlike others I have read. The chemistry, sexual tension, humor and she don't forget your I didn't see that coming moments.