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inextinguible definition: Adjective (comparative more inextinguible, superlative most Origin From Middle French inextinguible and its source, Latin inextinguibilis.

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Or, maybe the salesperson returns from the backroom and declares that they don't have any currently in stock. But, if anyone investigates, the store will miraculously produce the one from the backroom and will state that the salesperson was mistaken. They did have one; the salesperson didn't see it. Yet, another way advertisers get around the law is in the fine print. In tiny print, preceded by an asterisk, are the words "while supplies last" or "limited quantities available.

A Form of Fraud

A car dealer advertises a rock-bottom price for a sports utility vehicle that usually goes for thousands of dollars more. When you get to the dealership, though, the salesman can't find that particular car on the lot.


Maybe it was sold this morning before he got in. Real estate. Craigslist teems with ads for below-market prices on rents and for-sale properties. Often, they're the ads without photos, because the properties don't exist. Sometimes, though, advertisers will boldly post a photo of a gorgeous, four-bedroom, three bath home at a crazy price. Often, the photo is somewhat blurry or there will be a date from several years ago on it.

When you call to see the property, they sold it and someone should have removed that ad, the saleswoman replies.

What Is The “Bait and Switch” And When Is It Illegal?

High Tech. Computers and other high tech items are easy to bait and switch, because many people don't understand the technology. So, when a salesperson claims that the only difference between this model and the one advertised is that the manufacturers are different, the consumer believes it.

KMFDM - Bait And Switch.

As a businessperson, it's important to make sure you aren't practicing bait-and-switch advertising. Even tactics that could seem like bait and switch, although technically not illegal, could ruin your business' reputation. Barbara Bean-Mellinger is a freelance writer who lives in the Washington, D.

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Bean-Mellinger, Barbara. Small Business - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. This is simply a pricing error, it's clearly too good to be true and the retail store would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars honoring the offer.


However, the online store will accept the price and let you check out with the insane deal. Later, you will get an email stating that the order has been canceled, and your money refunded. People cry "bait-and-switch! It's just an error, and the consumer should know better. Another one that catches consumers unawares is the limited quantity deals. After that, everyone else pays the usual price. This is not bait-and-switch unless the advertiser fails to disclose the offer details. This scenario is most often brought into question on Black Friday, but it's not bait-and-switch.

It's more like a loss leader , which brings people to the store for incredible savings in the hope that they will buy more. This is borderline shady, but if done correctly it's just a case of not truly understanding the way the ad was written.

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Not so. Every other player can be 5 percent off.

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  7. And the one that was so drastically reduced could have been broken, a display model, old, repackaged or missing components. Another way to use tricky language is to say "offer not valid in all stores" or "online pricing only, individual store prices will vary. Bait-And-Switch advertising is illegal, underhanded, and the refuge of the dishonest business. If you're a consumer, resist the urge to get upset every time you miss a deal; the advertiser is not always trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

    However, if it's a genuine bait-and-switch scam, report the business immediately. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Advertising Basics. By Paul Suggett. This is a smaller tablet, inferior in every way from the one advertised, and is twice the price. Having made the trip to the store, many people will fall victim to the bait-and-switch scam and simply buy the inferior product rather than leave empty-handed.

    The tablet is available, but it's actually much more expensive than the ad stated.