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If you believe it is worth the time, energy, struggle, and resources, then you should answer these questions.

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Have you ever actually read all of the legalize that goes with the terms of use for a new app on your phone? Did you understand it all? This kind of half-hearted consent is similar to what happens for a lot of Catholics every Sunday. Many Christians aim to make disciples, but there are really two different ways of doing so - spiritual addition and spiritual multiplication. Jesus modeled for us multiplication. I worked in Campus Ministry for 15 years.

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It is a place of "hellos" and "goodbyes", due to students coming and going every few months. This constant shifting landscape helped me better understand how to plan for anticipated change. This vision, anticipation, and planning made me a more proactive leader. The local Planned Parenthood Director had quit her job and walked into the local Coalition for Life offices.

It was a welcomed shock to those who heard.

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But, then it hit national news, because Planned Parenthood was scared. They were right to be scared, because Abby Johnson had a new mission. As you may know, there are some species of plants that need fires to reproduce. The Catholic Church in the West is similar to these plants. When we entered the E. Members, learn to listen, and listen to learn from Church leaders. One day in Italy I met a wonderful priesthood leader and his wife.

In him I saw a man with great potential. But my language was foreign to them. Through an interpreter, I challenged them to study the English language. They listened obediently and studied diligently. Now six years later, ably sustained by his wife, Carolina, Vincenzo Conforte is faithfully serving his second assignment as a mission president, interviewing missionaries well in Italian or in English.

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People throughout the earth are being blessed as they follow this and other counsel he has given. Gratefully we thank God for a prophet to guide us in these latter days. But many turn a deaf ear to his teachings, oblivious to his prophetic position. They do so at great risk, for scriptures contain this warning:. President J. Reuben Clark, Jr. Wise members listen to learn from Church leaders. Scriptures recorded in all dispensations teach that we show our love of God as we hearken to His commandments and obey them. In fact, the Hebrew language of the Old Testament in most instances uses the same term for both hearkening to the Lord and obedience to His word.

In addition to hearing the word of the Lord obediently, we manifest our love for God through prayer. And listening is an essential part of prayer. Answers from the Lord come ever so quietly.

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President Spencer W. In a world scarred by scourges of tyranny and war, many of its inhabitants earnestly pray for inner peace. For example, not long ago a beautiful young mother named Svetlana developed an intense desire to obtain a Bible.

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But in her city of Leningrad, a Bible was very rare and expensive. Frequently and fervently she prayed for a Bible. Ultimately, she and her husband were impressed to travel with their small child to Helsinki, Finland, with that hope in mind. There one day while walking in a park, she stumbled across an object buried under the cover of autumn leaves.

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  • She picked it up and found it to be a Bible written in the Russian language! Excitedly she recounted the story of this great discovery to another mother who was also in the park with her youngster. The other mother provided Svetlana with a copy of a Russian-language edition of the Book of Mormon and invited the family to church. She eagerly embraced the teachings of the missionaries and shortly thereafter joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Then they returned to their home, where they have helped pioneer the work in the Leningrad Branch of the Church. While stressing the importance of listening well, I am mindful of those who cannot hear. A stake is also a geographical unit of the Church, made up of several wards and branches, similar to a Catholic diocese.

    This is not a Sunday that goes by faster than others. On the first Sunday of each month, Church members fast, or voluntarily go without food and drink for two meals, in order to grow closer to God. The Church encourages members to take the money they would have spent on food and donate it as an offering to help the poor. This is the name of our Church group for children ages 3— The Primary children periodically sing as a group during sacrament meeting and participate in other group activities.

    Why would a year-old girl call herself a Beehive? The beehive was used as a symbol of harmony and industry for early pioneers of the Church.