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How to understand reactivity in R.

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Database basics - dplyr and DBI. Using the pool package basics.

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Using the pool package advanced. Using dplyr and pool to query a database. Persistent data storage in Shiny apps. Application layout guide. Build a dynamic UI that reacts to user input. Displaying and customizing static tables. How to use DataTables in a Shiny App. Help users download data from your app.

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Help users upload files to your app. Interactive plots. Selecting rows of data. Interactive plots - advanced. JavaScript actions packaged for Shiny apps. How to build a JavaScript based widget. How to add functionality to JavaScript widgets. How to send messages from the browser to the server and back using Shiny. How to develop an interactive, dynamic help system for your app with introJS.

How to create custom input bindings. Putting everything together to create an interactive dashboard.

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Style your apps with CSS. Build custom input objects. Build custom output objects. Add Google Analytics to a Shiny app. Packaging JavaScript code for Shiny. Communicating with Shiny via JavaScript. Debugging Shiny applications. Write error messages for your UI with validate. Unicode characters in Shiny apps. Modularizing Shiny app code. Communication between modules. Shiny App Usage Tracking. Performance and scalability. Plot Caching. Improving scalability with async programming. Scaling and Performance Tuning with shinyapps. Deploying Shiny apps to the web. Here is the rub. Typically, founders face binary financial outcomes.

While there are two schemes of extracting your sweat equity from a startup prior to a full liquidity event, both are generally disparaged by investors and startup communities. Scheme A is to draw owner distributions while building your startup so that you can capture value along the way. Of course, distributions must be paid equally to all shareholders as proportional to their ownership.

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Scheme B would be to take money off the table during future fundraising rounds to capture value and lower your risk profile as a founder. This also sends a signal to your team that you will hoard the last parachute and leave them behind when things go south.

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Given these realities, founders are often locked into an all-or-nothing scenario whilst building their pipeline. The oil will only drip upon exit.

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No liquidity, no liquid gold. The tempting call of starting fresh with a new idea, new team, new investors, etc is an intoxicating song that we founders love to listen to. This temptation will pull us away from the pipeline we are toiling away on day in day out. Sooner or later your career will look like a scrapyard of Rearden Metal. If the pipeline analogy is not convincing enough, consider that Warren Buffet gave identical advice in different words to his personal pilot.

Buffet once instructed Flint to make a list of his top 25 career goals. He told him to prioritize them from most to least important, and to circle the top 5 most important goals. But then, Buffet told Flint something unexpected. Buffet is successful because he recognizes the temptations within himself, and designs check-and-balance mental models that counteract those negative tendencies.

You need to do the same for the shiny things in your life. When I have an idea that is tempting me to stop , drop , and build , I just put it on a list. Then, I force the idea to pass through several gauntlets.

I ask myself questions like:. Questions like these establish a funnel that sirens must defeat. This system allows me to maintain my openness and creativity, while protecting my attention from myself. Yeah, this stuff is hard work.