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She has written and published articles on the topic of anti-racism and is a speaker at workshops, conferences and other gatherings. Margaret Mary Parish in Naperville. He has served as chair of the Pax Christi USA National Council and has worked as a professional writer, organizer and activist in the faith-based peace movement for more than 25 years. John served as the executive director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation from He was the founder of Pax Christi New Mexico. Following the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, John began volunteering as a Red Cross chaplain and became one of the coordinators for the chaplain program.

Marie Dennis of Washington, D. Marie holds a masters degree in moral theology from Washington Theological Union and honorary doctorates from Trinity University and Alvernia University. Earlier she participated in peace delegations to Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine, El Salvador and Guatemala and election observer delegations to Zimbabwe, Mexico and Haiti. She is a lay woman, a mother of six and a grandmother. He presently serves as the pastor of St. Eileen Egan deceased : Eileen was the first layperson and first woman to work for Catholic Relief Services, serving as the India executive.

Joseph J.

The valley below the Pax Guesthouse - Picture of Pax Guest House, Dingle

He holds a Ph. She served as the National Coordinator from to After retiring, he began to volunteer with the American Red Cross and then worked as a driver for the Lift program, transporting mentally and physically incapacitated people of all ages. While doing this work, he became involved with the local Pax Christi group in Erie and soon became a volunteer at the national office. Eric has 15 years of experience working with faith-based organizations to impact global policy on poverty, conflict and human rights.

Eric is a graduate of the College of St. Benedict and St. Bishop Raymond Lucker deceased : Bishop Lucker spent his lifetime devoted to renewal of the Church in religious education. He was a pioneer in the American catechetical renewal, helping the nationwide development of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and the National Conference of Diocesan Directors. He was a delegate to the International Catechetical Congress in Rome in and was elected by the Bishops of the United States as a delegate to the Synod in He ran to where he knew a fire extinguisher was located, but his hope quickly turned into distress.

The fire extinguisher was gone. He dashed to the front door and tuned the handle. It was locked. He went to the back door and pulled with all his strength. But to his surprise it creaked open, almost falling off the hinges. He ran out the back doors right before the house exploded. It must have hit the gas line. He was too slow for what was to come next. The knife slid across his neck and blood gushed from the deadly wound. All he knew was that it was over. Bob Thompson laid in his backyard covered in his own blood with another note placed carefully on his chest. Chapter 11 Heidi raced home around midnight, avoiding puddles as she went.

Her curiosity got the best of her. Throughout the day, her mind had wandered to the contents of the notes. She dreaded looking inside the envelope. Halfway to her house, her steps had become staggered and she started to feel dizzy. With each breath she took, the more black spots clouded her vision. Without her knowing she stumbled into an alleyway that the first murder was committed. Leaning against the wall, Heidi tried to catch her breath, but to no avail.

She moved in and out of consciousness but her mind was fully awake. As she began to grasp her surroundings, memories started to flood back to her from the crime scene of the first murder. She strained her eyes in the darkness. She stumbled in a drunk like manner. Realization dawned on her as she struggled to maintain consciousness..

She had been drugged. But unknown to her this shadow was the murderer waiting for their next victim. She must have left it at the office. With nothing to defend herself, Heidi slowly walked backwards trying not to be noticed. She started to run but it was no use, the shadowy figure was faster. Heidi slipped and landed with her face to the ground. She felt the tip of a blade pressed against the back of her neck.

But in the split second before it was over, the person wielding the blade suddenly stopped. The effects of the drug was starting to wear off. Rolling over, Heidi got to her feet. As she turned around the mysterious figure fled the area before Heidi could blink. Leaning against the cold, damp wall she regained her composure. She took out her phone and started to call Silvia to report what had happened. But after a few rings she got a text. Her heart seemed to stop and time slowed to a crawl. She glanced at the sender and found a number that was surprisingly familiar.

Heidi came to the realization that it was from her emergency phone that she hid under bed. The text simply said Hang up.

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She quickly ended her call to Silvia right as she answered. She sprinted home.


Losing her breath easier than usual, Heidi kept going despite the after effects of the drug. She went up the 3 flights of stairs, not waiting for the elevator. Causally she approached her door, finding it slightly cracked open. Kicking it in with her foot, she found nothing broken just the same note she hid laying on the kitchen counter.

Chapter 12 Walking along the sidewalk I smiled as people passed me, unknowingly sealing their fate. I headed into an alleyway, a block away from the only police station in the whole city of Pax Valley. I felt a unknown presence behind me. As I started to turn, the person started to ask something about the time. No security cameras. Just far enough away from the street. None Should I kill this stranger? I swiftly spun around, knife in hand. I plunged it in their neck, twisted and then ripped it out. In front of me, a middle aged women crumbled to the floor with a look of sheer terror upon her face.

She got in the way. She deserved it. I walked on my way, leaving a blank note behind. Climbing down into the emergency passage ways, long since abandoned, that led right beneath the station. I ran my hand along the crumbling, graffitied walls. The deeper you went the less graffiti there was.

This had something to do with an old urban legend about a young women and child mysteriously vanishing. Then, while these tunnels were still in use, a rookie cop found their mutilated bodies below. I reached the end of the tunnel and, as I had expected, the walls were graffiti free. Dropping my bag in the middle of the room, I got out a flashlight. It flickered on and illuminated, the once pitch black room. I rummaged through the bag again and pulled out about a dozen dynamite sticks. I placed two sticks on each wall. The remaining four sticks I mounted on the ceiling, under the crumbling supports of the police station.

Glancing at my watch, I estimated that I had about an hour to get out of the tunnels and set the other bombs before I was blown to smithereens. With my bag on my back and my hood over my head, I trudged back the way I came. When I made it to the surface, the light was bright but not as blinding as I expected. Surprisingly, the body of the woman I had, so graciously killed was still there and had been untouched. I passed people on the sidewalk that were so oblivious to what was going to happen. The same caverns ran throughout the city in a maze like pattern.

I went under neath the bank and did the same thing as the police station, except I used eight sticks of dynamite instead. The banks floor was lined with steal but below, the foundation was crumbling. It was just asking to be blown up. I moved on to my second to last target. This time I ventured out beyond the city limits. Next was to shut down the cities power. At this time of day, the electrical workers had already left and gone home to their families. Again, I found the entrance to the caverns.

This part of the cavern was more confusing than any other part. It felt like I was going in circles most of the time. But during the planning of this little event, I took the extra time to map out exactly where I needed to go. I figured I had about thirty minutes before my chain of explosions went off. I made my way to the last, but certainly not least important, target. The old city hall building, which looked ghostly as the sun began to set. I went under the building into the caverns as I did so many times before. I dumped the last of the dynamite and attached six sticks to each wall.

This city needs to go out with a bang. The screams soon followed and I smiled to myself at my handiwork. Climbing up the fire escape of the abandoned building and I stopped at the third floor. Being on this floor let me have a perfect view of her apartment. I pulled out binoculars out of my bag and watched Heidi tauntingly, just as a lion would watch their prey before they sucked the life from them. The pieces of my plan were falling into place just as I had so ruthlessly expected. Chapter 13 The frustrated plain clothes police officers of Pax Valley slumped in their chairs watching the clock, waiting until they were released from their jobs to go home.

Many of them had families to provide for, but a higher percentage of them only worked to pay their Netflix subscriptions. It had been a long couple of months for all of them. In all of their careers, none of them had ever dealt with a sociopath of this extent. But still, the days at the office dragged out from six am to six pm.

Ambassadors of Peace

These twelve hours were not filled with action as people say. Only the homicide detectives were allowed to investigate the interesting cases, which included the current most wanted person in the city. But unknown to them these lives of theirs were about to be pulled out from under them, literally. Many of them were excited to only have an hour left of work. The clock struck 5 pm. First was the sound that alerted them, but a second later they were gone.

Time seemed to slow to a terrifying stop as the floor of the police station exploded to clouds of debris. The ground shook beneath the city as the station crumbled into the caverns below. The culprit of this tragedy used enough dynamite to kill everyone in the city but luckily most of it was contained by the police station. The roads around the station cracked from the shock.

Soon after, the next explosion went off further cracking the ground. The city had now been plunged into extreme chaos. But this is exactly what the murderer wanted. Chapter 14 Heidi ducted as she heard the loud rumbling of an explosion. She started to stand but jumped down into the same position as two other explosions ripped throughout the city. But the third seemed further away than the first two. She battled with herself over if she should go and help or look in the envelope. Her curiosity got the best of her as she proceeded to open the envelope in a hurry.

Inside were two pieces of long, rough paper. The first had a code like pattern stamped on it. Gasping, Heidi let the second piece of paper drop to the floor. There on the floor laid the only copy of the police report telling what had happened to her parents. As she read the title disturbing memories flashed through her mind of that cold, dark night. How could they know?

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She had asked this question to herself for the last five minutes as she studied the code on the first paper. Heidi turned as she heard fire trucks zoomed by, most likely heading toward the explosions that happened only minutes ago. She drew her attention away from them and went back to the second note. The code frustratingly looked as if someone typed random numbers onto the paper, but Heidi knew better.

When she was training to become a homicide detective, she spent her spare time learning code. After about twenty annoyingly long minutes, Heidi figured out that this was a Transposition Cipher. This particular cipher was used during World War 1 to communicate messages. The letters in the alphabet were rearranged with a pre-determined key in mind. The letters could have been arranged in millions of ways. A few examples of this would be that all the letters were written backwards, or every pair of letters were swapped. Without the key it is almost completely impossible to decipher.

Heidi scanned the paper into her computer and ran a program she borrowed from the police station. Hours passed as the computer was working hard to decipher the code. But finally, Heidi looked over and found that the code had reveled something that changed everything. She felt as if all the air had been sucked out of her body.

But deep down Heidi knew it was true. She knew who the murderer was. Chapter 15 Heidi now knows my identity. There is no need to hide my face from the world anymore, but that will come later. With only two or three police officers left in the city, I could pretty much do anything I liked. I strolled down the street as the chaos started to settle down. Sprinting to another old abandon building, I quickly climbed to the roof. Up here I had the best view of the city and also a good place to shoot from.

Grabbing my sniper rifle, I had planted here before all of this, and set it up. The first bullet came to life as I shot right at the first stranger I saw. And as I expected, they fell to the ground. Screams of other people filled the town square as I took out people shot by shot. By now about thirty lifeless bodies laid on the ground below. Sirens from the remaining police officers bellowed through the city and I knew they were coming straight for me.

But that was no matter. They would have the same fate as the rest of the men, women, and children below. As they drove around the corner, I shot out all four wheels on each police car. The first car swerved and hit a fire hydrant. Right as the car hit it, it exploded and water comically shot out and rained down on the already slick rides. The second car slammed on the breaks which made them spin out of control into a Chinese glass doll museum. You could say they were bulls in a china shop. Laughing at my own joke the third car was paying too much attention to the other cars and it hit a person that was surprisingly still alive.

The head of the person flew through the windshield of the car.

An overview

As the police officers stumbled out of their cars, they took aim towards me and I laid flat on the ground while playing an imaginary game of who should I kill first. I made up my mind and decided I should take out the older police officers and the leave the rookies.

They would be a lot easier without coaching from the more experienced police officers by their sides. I took aim at the sherif who I was annoyed at for not dying in the explosion. I shot him six time in the head before he fell over and joined the rest of the bodies. The two other rookie cops split up and sprinted to different buildings. I only had time to shoot one before the other reached a building and took cover.

Climbing down off the roof, I entered the building I saw the second police officer enter. By now, he was probably calling for back up from a near by city. When I found him, It was to late. He had already shot himself before I could get to him. I looked around and found no radio or phone in sight. He must have forgotten it. Leaving the building, I got out my shiny black pistol.

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  • Slinging my other gun over my shoulder, I walked around the city and found that most everyone had hid inside their houses. I entered the first house that I saw and quickly killed the people inside. House after house I skillfully did the same. Even though it would lead to her demise. By now I had lost count of how many houses I had entered. None of them had children. Most were just young couples looking for a quiet city to live. How ironic. As I made my way to the last house on the block, I thought about how many people I had to kill to get Heidi to come out and face me.

    Walking through the house, I realized it had been abandoned long ago. I moved my fingers over a dusty counter, leaving two long streaks behind. Nothing had been here in a very long time. The air had a nauseating musty smell inside here. Something seemed vaguely familiar about this house. From the dirt stained white walls to the creaky wooden floor boards, it was eerily silent. Many things here had clearly been stolen even though, by now, they had no value.

    I walked through each room, out of curiosity. Something seemed special about this one house, out of all the others. Not because no one was here or that it had been forgot. I found myself thinking intently about why but frustratedly, to no avail.

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    • They took one wrong step and it was too late. They had stepped on an overly creaky floor board. Out of instinct, I turned and shot whoever was behind me. I had no idea it was a child. They crumpled to the floor, dead. The guilt set in faster than I expected. This was the first time I had killed an innocent child.

      Just as fast the guilt came, it had left too. I went on my way, waiting for Heidi. I went back to my post across the street from her and waited. I was aching to end her life as she and Mayor Johnson did to me. Chapter 16 The walls of the county courthouse were dull and uninviting. She was only six years of age and had no idea what was happening. Her mother died when she was born and the only parent she had was her dad. Sitting alone outside the courtroom, on a stiff bench, she waited for him to come out. The hours passed and no one came to check on her.

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      Inside the courtroom Judge Johnson heard each side of the case that was before him. His DNA was all over the scene and his accomplice turned himself in to the police. The father pleaded not guilty to this crime. The other person pleaded guilty as his conscious was plagued with guilt. Judge Johnson concluded by sentencing both men to life in prison without parole. The child waiting outside for her father to bring her home, had no idea how her life was going to be altered by this event. Her happily ever after had taken the turn for the worst. Chapter 17 I took a deep breath. Walking down the stairs of my apartment to the ground level, I reflect on what had happened.

      Our small, peaceful city of Pax Valley had gone against what it was meant to be.