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A self-taught chef and lifelong vegetarian, she can't wait to open her first restaurant and prove that you can make friends with salad. But in Clifton Texas? Rancher and retailer, Alex Barclay, knows Texans live for steak and brisket. But kale and quinoa? Not so much.

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One minute Maxine Henley is the happy bride-to-be and the next she's the girl who gets dumped over the phone. The charm came with a promise that the right man will find her, guaranteed, but how can that happen when her teenage crush Sam O'Neil keeps getting in the way!

A moment of madness.

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That's all Sunny expected when she donned a mask to crash the gala at Manhattan's newest hotel. Michael has no idea that the beauty staring at the mural is also the artist. When their moment of madness on the sofa comes to an abrupt end, his princess is off and running.


Simons Island, The Beach Club is truly a special place in the sun. The resort was recently renovated and is ideal for couples and families alike. If you are looking to make The Beach Club and St.

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  • The Islands are steeped in history and tradition and remain relatively untouched from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Blended with this Southern environment are a variety of activities including golf, tennis, boating and other water activities. The casual small town environment offers a broad variety of restaurants and shops to meet the needs of any vacationer.

    The Beach Club is convenient to all of these local activities, so you can choose to lounge by the pool, grab a bicycle and explore, or head into town for a bite to eat.

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    Enjoy a game of tennis while staying at the Beach Club on St. When it comes to wedding dresses and wedding cakes, brides and grooms only demand the best. Simon is a talented and dedicated photographer who has a passion for wedding photography. This passion led him to establish Simon. Photo in , which has been providing top class wedding photography for happy couples all across Hong Kong. His unique ability to capture the perfect image has earned him the reputation as one of the best wedding photographers in Hong Kong, and has also seen him recognized as one of the Top 10 Hong Kong Wedding Photographers by She.


    He believes that the pictures should be a true reflection of the wedding itself, so that they can be remembered and enjoyed for generations to come.