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The pedaggio toll road ticket can be paid in cash or with credit card; just make sure to choose the corresponding lane upon exiting. Cash lanes have a sign displaying coins; the others a sign displaying cards. Some lanes have employees handling your payment; others have automatic machines. If your car has a Telepass a small machine that handles automatic exit and payment , simply look for the Telepass lanes and drive through: the owner of the car will be charged afterward on his or her bank account.

Posso avere la ricevuta del Can I have the receipt? Cosa devo fare? I have lost my ticket. Posso rientrare in autostrada? I have taken the wrong exit. Can I enter the toll road again? How many kilometers are there to get to the city? Remember also that in Italy it is mandatory to wear cinture di sicurezza seat belts , it is forbidden to use mobile phones when driving, and there are huge fines and criminal charges for guida in stato di ubriachezza DUI. Controlli stradali road controls can be handled by different corps: polizia stradale highway police , Carabinieri a different force which is part of the Italian army and deals with security-keeping tasks , polizia provinciale county police , and vigili urbani metropolitan police.

You have exceeded the speed limit and I have to give you a ticket. Why were you driving so fast? Is it a rental car? Stazioni di servizio or benzinai gas stations can be found everywhere in Italy: in the city center or on main highways and of course on the autostrade toll roads. The big gas stations on highways usually have a bar and a small shop, while those on the autostrade may even have a snack bar, a restaurant, and a small grocery store.

These stations are called autogrill. In most gas stations, big or small, there will be a car wash, and you can also find oil-change and tire-inflation services. In terms of fuel, you can choose between benzina verde unleaded gas and diesel or gasolio diesel , depending on the engine of your car. Fuel is much more expensive in Italy than in North America. In the past, diesel was much less expensive than gas, but today the two cost roughly the same.

Gas stations usually have benzinai attendants who take care of filling up tanks during the day mostly from 8 A. In large gas stations, however, it is permissible to fill up the tank by yourself, even when attendants are in service, to get a discount. At gas stations you can pay either in cash or with credit cards.

How far is the next autogrill? Ten euros of diesel, please. Is there a discount for self-service? In some cities, the historic center of town is off-limits to cars. In these cases, park your car in a public lot and visit the town on foot. Dove posso parcheggiare la macchina? Driving Potrebbe fare un controllo generale alla macchina? If your car has a problem, look for a meccanico garage. Garages can be found in every city and they are usually open from Monday through Friday from 8 A.

Some of them may be open on Saturday also, but all of them are surely closed on Sunday and for festivities. There are small garages on the autostrada, as well; usually each autogrill has one. In most cases, though, large garages can handle all issues without problems. If there is no specific problem, but you just want a checkup, ask them for a general check or an oil change or some tire inflation, too. Il faro sinistro posteriore della The left rear light of my car is not macchina non funziona.

Could you please Potrebbe cambiare la change the lamp? Mi sembrano un Can you check the tires? It seems as if they are a bit flat. I need an oil change. The car makes a strange noise. Can you check it? Italy is famous for its beautiful, scenic driving tours. Planning ahead is especially important if you are renting a car. Quanto dista Pisa da Firenze? Chapter 7 Shopping Dove posso trovare un negozio di vestiti?

In Italian the expression fare shopping is widely used and it normally means to go shopping for clothes. Fashion in Italy is a very important business and all over the world Italy is known for fashion brands like Prada, Armani, Gucci, and Versace, which are the most expensive and exclusive ones, but also for other less upscale names like Benetton. Italy is most often associated with style and fashion and many Italians take pride in always being ben vestiti well dressed and in keeping with the latest tendenze trends.

Young Italians want to be alla moda hip with the latest trends and in most cases would never wear something that is fuori moda out of style. The most important city in Italy in terms of fashion is Milan, where you can find the headquarters of all the marche di vestiti clothing brands. It is a paradise for shoppers; there are stores to satisfy every need. Fare shopping is something that is normally done on Saturday afternoons, when the main streets of even the smallest towns are full 65 Perfect Phrases in Italian for Confident Travel of people who shop for clothes or simply take a peek at the vetrine store windows.

In most cases, the exclusive shops and the boutiques are located in the downtown area of each town, which in Italy is normally the centro storico historical center. Shops are lined along the streets and usually each town has at least one famous street where shoppers go to look for real Italian-style shopping.

In most cases, shops and boutiques elegant shops are open from Monday through Saturday, from 9 A. In large cities or in tourist areas it is more common to find shops which are open all day, mostly from 9 A. All stores are normally closed on Sunday, except during the Christmas period. Pardon me, where is the shopping mall? Pardon me, is this the road to the outlet center?

Shopping Dove trovo una piantina del centro commerciale? Centri commerciali shopping malls have become very popular in Italy in the last ten to fifteen years, and, even though it is more common to go there to shop for food or for electronics, people love to buy clothes there, too. In most shopping malls, however, there are only grandi catene chain stores and less exclusive fashion brands. Just as in North America, shopping malls in Italy are large places where you can find every kind of shop: negozi di vestiti clothing stores , scarpe shoes , elettrodomestici home appliances , telefoni cellulari mobile phones , mobili furniture , giocattoli toys , and also some cafeterias and fast food.

They are usually outside urban areas and sometimes just outside the city center. Normally malls are open from 9 A. Large shopping malls close only on national holidays in Italy. Where is the elevator? How do I get to the parking lot? Where is the ATM? Pardon me, where is the nearest exit? In Italy grandi magazzini department stores can be found only in the largest cities like Milan, Rome, Turin, and a few others. The oldest and most upscale department store in Italy is La Rinascente, where you can find all the most well-known fashion brands, including the most expensive ones.

Other department stores are Coin and Upim, which are a bit less expensive and exclusive than La Rinascente. Some of them also have a reparto gioielleria jewelry department , where you can find anelli rings , collane necklaces , orecchini earrings , and orologi watches. In a few trendy department stores, like Coin or La Rinascente, there are also gourmet foods, where the most exquisite products from Italy and other parts of the world are sold. These eateries can be very big and divided on different floors and are usually open all day, from 9 A. Pardon me, do you know where the lingerie department is?

Factory outlet malls commonly called outlet in Italian are very popular in Italy nowadays, because in these malls there are outlet shops selling designer and premium brands at a discounted price. The first and largest outlet mall in Italy is in Serravalle Scrivia, near Alessandria, in northern Italy. It opened only a few years ago and was an immediate success, which led to other outlets being opened around the country.

Today there are at least five or six outlet centers in Italy. Just like shopping malls, they are open all days of the week from 9 A. Outlet centers are very popular during saldi sales , when people swarm to them looking for designer brands at an even greater discounted price. Sales do not take place only in outlets but are found in every shop. Basically there are saldi invernali winter sales , which normally start around January 10 and last until mid-February, and saldi estivi summer sales , which start around mid-July and last until the beginning of September.

The 69 Perfect Phrases in Italian for Confident Travel government of each region decides these dates and each shop must stick to them. Apart from summer and winter sales, there can be other sales called svendita or liquidazione totale, which can take place when a shop is closing or is going to be renovated. In the larger outlet malls there are good bargains all year round. Pardon me, is this on sale? How much is the discount?

Are there shops with sales in this area? In large department stores and shopping malls you are free to enter every shop, just browse, and in most cases help yourself with clothes. If you need help, ask the commessa shop assistant , but usually you are free to choose and try on clothes by yourself. In smaller shops it is more polite to first ask to take a look before browsing in the shop. It is, however, important to keep in mind that you cannot mess up clothes in the shop and just leave. In a clothing store you can usually find vestiti da donna dresses , vestiti da uomo suits , pantaloni trousers , gonne skirts , maglie di lana wool sweaters , maglie di cotone cotton sweaters , felpe sweatshirts , camicie shirts , magliette T-shirts , giubbotti jackets , cappotti coats , sciarpe scarves , cappelli hats , guanti hand gloves , and cravatte ties.

In a lingerie store, however, you can find mutande da uomo boxer shorts , mutande da donna ladies underwear , collant tights , and calze socks. In terms of materials or fabrics, either look for clothes di seta made of silk , di lana made of wool , di cotone made of cotton , or acrilici acrylic. Dove sono le cabine di prova? Where are the fitting rooms? Can I take a look? For many people, color coordination is important for dressing. Which colors go well together? What color combination should be avoided? Which are the accessories accessori that need to be coordinated?

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If color coordination is important for your look look , get some sound advice or a second opinion by asking the salesperson. White il bianco and black il nero go well with almost any color. Come mi sta questa gonna rossa con la camicetta bianca? How does this red skirt look with the white blouse? The red shoes and purse are very classy. The light-colored jeans and the yellow sweater are very elegant.

If you are shopping for clothes in Italy, keep in mind that sizes are different, so make sure you know the right misura measurement. For sweaters and T-shirts, the system is more or less the same as in North America: there are taglia piccola small , taglia media medium , and taglia forte large. Sizes are exactly the same as in North America for jeans also. Measurements are a little different for dresses, skirts, and trousers, however.

The following is a size comparison chart, so that you know what to ask the commessa shop assistant for. Some big chain stores or department stores have a clear return policy which you can easily find on the back of your receipt, but you might want to double-check with small shop owners about their return policy.

It may be problematic or they may only allow exchanges within a short period of time. Even if these shop owners will exchange your clothes for other merchandise, it is very unlikely that they will accept your clothes and give you money back dare indietro i soldi. Most of the time, if clienti customers do not want to exchange clothes for other merchandise, they will be given a buono coupon for the amount of money they spent, which can be used in the same store within a certain period of time. May I have a store credit in exchange? This skirt is too big. Can I exchange it? Posso cambiarla?

Certain areas of Italy, like Tuscany, for example, are renowned for their high-quality leather, and there you can find great bargains on shoes and bags. Almost everywhere, there are good quality accessories at a fair price. For both men and women you can ask for mocassini mocassins , scarpe da ginnastica sneakers , infradito flip-flops , and stivali boots.

If you are looking for ciabatte slippers , you could ask in a shoe store, but it is more common to find them in either a lingerie or clothing store. In terms of shoe brands, there is a big choice: you can either go from the very expensive and stylish brands like Rossetti, Ferragamo, Vicini, or to more affordable but still very trendy brands like Nero Giardini. Shoe sizes in Italy are different from those in North America. Please see the following chart, so that you know what to ask for.

Posso avere una misura These shoes are small. Can I have a bigger size? Regarding borse bags and other fashionable accessories, Italy has the largest possible selection to choose from. Bags are normally sold in either clothing or shoe stores, and all the well-known fashion brands have their own line of bags, so it is really up to your own personal taste to find the perfect one. Ebooks and Manuals

The Marche region in Italy is the area where all Italian shoe factories are located, and there you can find the outlets of the most well-known brands—where there are not only shoes and bags but also portafogli da donna purses , portafogli da uomo wallets , valige suitcases , and cinture belts of the finest quality at a discounted price.

If you are lucky, you might even find places to have shoes made in your design and exact foot size. Could you wrap that belt please? It is a gift. Today most of the stores accept carte di credito credit cards without problems Visa and MasterCard, at least , but some of the small shops are keen on giving a sconto discount if you pay with cash pagare in contanti. Some small or family-owned stores might also be willing to offer a discount if you buy a large amount of goods. There is no possibility of getting this discount in big department stores, but give it a try with friendly small-shop owners.

Unlike in North America, in Italy taxes are already included in the price on the tag, so no extra costs will be added at checkout. The price on the tag, or the price you are told by the shop owner, will be the final price. How much is it? Here is your receipt. Can I have the receipt? The use of the sauna and the swimming pool is normally free for all guests.

The other services, though very convenient, are generally offered at a higher price. Does the hotel offer a laundry service? Is there a wellness center in this hotel? If you go to Italy for a wedding or other special occasion, for a formal event, or for an extended visit, at some point you may need to buy toiletries or use the services of a hairdresser, beautician, etc. You will find toiletries or hygiene products in beauty salons, supermarkets, and normally pharmacies.

For the services of a hairdresser or beautician, a recommendation is often very useful. When asking a friend or relative for a recommendation, say: Potresti suggerirmi un buon parrucchiere, per favore? Could you please suggest a good hairdresser? Remember that par- 82 Grooming rucchiere could be used for both female and male hairdressers, even though at times the feminine form parrucchiera is used. Dove posso trovare un buon salone di bellezza?

Where can I find a good beauty salon? Where is the nearest pharmacy? The world of the beauty salon or the hairdresser in Italy is not much different than in North America. To avoid waiting for hours, it is appropriate to make reservations well ahead of time. Prices vary depending on the service requested; for a cut taglio , for example, prices will vary from 15 to 18 euros depending on the length of your hair; a style piega is about 20 euros; a perm permanente is about 50 euros; highlights colpi di sole are also about 50 euros.

Just as you might expect, a salone di bellezza or a centro benessere offer many more 83 Perfect Phrases in Italian for Confident Travel services such as manicure and pedicure, waxing ceretta, depilazione , massages massaggi , baths, facials pulizia viso , etc. Posso venire subito? Can you see me right away? How long will it take for. What haircut is fashionable in Italy? Cosa mi consiglia?

I would like to change my look. What would you suggest? I would like to dye my hair. What color suits me best? Vorrei tagliate le punte, per favore. I would like a trim, please. In Italian barbershops you will find a very cordial, pleasant, and informal atmosphere.

Barbershops are often a place to socialize. Italian men also frequent wellness centers, spas, and beauty salons, and invest in a variety of personal grooming products. In Italian culture, it is very important to present oneself in a respectable, professional way curare la propria immagine. Vorrei tagliarmi i capelli, ma non troppo corti, per favore. I would like you to cut my hair, but not too short, please. How much is it for the haircut? Fare bella figura To give a positive impression is very important for Italians. The bella figura is also reflected in the way Italians dress.

Therefore, it is good to be perfectly dressed even when going out with a friend or just going on a passeggiata stroll through the town. Make sure that the crease of your pants is perfect, that your suit is clean, that your shoes are well polished, that not a single hair on your head is out of place. If you need to have your suit, shirt, or dress cleaned, look for a lavanderia or lavaggio a secco. These establishments will not only clean and iron your clothes but will also make alterations. Of course, alterations can also be made by a tailor. Could I have this suit cleaned?

When will it be ready? Supermarkets supermercati have become very popular in Italy only in the past ten to fifteen years, as before Italians preferred to do their grocery shopping in the local generi alimentari grocery store. Italian supermarkets are no different from those in North America in both the selection of products and the organization of their sections. Very popular supermarket chains are Copp, Sigma, and Sma. More recently, many Italians have started to do their grocery shopping also at the ipermercati, superstores that sell just about everything, from food items meat, cheese, deli, bread, frozen food, drinks, wines, beer, etc.

You will find small supermarkets in urban areas. Ipermercati and large supermercati are usually located outside urban areas near highways autostrade or freeways superstrade , and they offer ample parking. Because of their location, supermarkets are mostly used for weekly grocery shopping, while the daily shopping is done at the generi alimentari or at specialized stores.

When shopping in these stores, check for specials sconti in the weekly flyer. If you become a regular shopper in a store, ask for a reward card. Online grocery shopping is also a reality in Italy today. Supermarkets are normally open from A. Some ipermercati may stay open until P. Supermarkets, as well as smaller grocery stores, carry a large selection of gluten-free items, too. Note that since Italian supermarkets are allowed to sell farmaci da banco over-the-counter medicines.

Where is the produce section? Do you have a pharmacy section? Where is the seafood section? Where is Customer Service? Many Italians, particularly those living in small towns, prefer to do their daily grocery shopping at the local generi alimentari grocery store , where the selection is limited, however. These stores normally carry dry goods such as pasta and canned food; dairy products; cold cuts; household cleaning items; hygiene products; drinks, wine, beer, liquor; etc.

They normally do not carry meat or fish; some of them might not even carry fruits and vegetables. To buy specialized items Italians go to the macelleria butcher shop , fruttivendolo or frutta e verdura fruit and vegetable shop , panetteria bakery , pescheria fish market , salumeria deli store , pasticceria pastry shop , and gelateria ice-cream parlor.

Grocery store hours vary; they are normally open Monday through Friday, from A. By law, they must be closed on Sunday and on public holidays as well as one other day during the week, on a rotation basis with other grocery stores throughout the area. In quale scaffale trovo la pasta? In which aisle do I find pasta? Could I please have a case of mineral water? Do you offer any specials? In major cities there is a daily open market, while in many small Italian towns the markets take place once a week, normally in the town square. In the open-air market you will find all types of vendors, from food to shoes, from clothes to paintings, from household items to hygiene products.

A trip to the market is an experience you should not miss, even if you have no intention of buying. If you plan to buy something, browse first and check for quality but also for the best prices and occasionissime or sconti bargains. Prices, even when indicated by a price tag or told to you by the vendor, are normally inflated; be sure to bargain down the price. The quality of food is excellent at the open-air markets, especially dairy and deli products as they are often homemade. Fruits and vegetables, homemade sweets, preserves and marinated items are also of the highest quality.

Meat and poultry are excellent buys. The price is a bit too high. Could you please give me a better price? Bread is one of the food staples of Italy, but it is also one of the food items that has the most variation in ingredients, quantity, and shape. Bread making in Italy is an art. Often bread is identified as pane regionale pane toscano, pane calabrese, pane pugliese or as pane locale pane ferrarese ; other times the bread takes its name from its shape pane rotondo, filoncino, ciabatta or by the ingredients pane di semola, pane integrale, pane di mais, pane di segala, pane di orzo, pane di riso, pane di glutine.

Special and often decorative bread is also prepared for many holidays and festivity days such as St. Anthony, St. Some common specialty breads include pane alle olive, pane con uova, pane con alici, etc. Many are called the regional names for bread: la michetta, la biova, la pagnotta, la mafalda. You may also have the pane insipido unsalted bread, typical in Tuscany , the pane arabo or pane pita, and the piadina a variation of the pita bread, typical in Emilia Romagna.

Besides grocery stores and supermarkets, breads can be bought in the local panetteria, panificio, or forno, which normally open very early in the morning and close by midday. When buying bread, ask for a mezzo chilo di pane or un chilo di pane, or if you prefer, ask for a panino.

Potrei avere quattro panini, Could I please have four buns? Do you have any whole wheat bread? A French baguette, please. At what time will I be able to find hot and crunchy bread? In a salumeria you will find dairy and deli products of all types: prosciutto, mortadella, salame, salciccia, provolone, parmigiano, Romano, crotonese, svizzero, Gorgonzola, pecorino, mozzarella, ricotta, etc.

Many store owners take pride in their homemade and genuine products with no preservatives. At times you may also find piatti pronti, a hot table, or you may be able to purchase delicious sandwiches with cold cuts. Sandwiches are also available at a paninoteca or piadineria. Duecento grammi di mortadella, per favore. Two hundred grams of mortadella, please. Shopping for Food Potrebbe grattugiarmi un pezzo piccolo di parmigiano, Could you please grate me a small piece of Parmesan cheese?

Is the ricotta cheese fresh? A macelleria specializes in meat and poultry products. However, similar to a salumeria, you will find many grocery items there. You will also be able to find a rotisserie service, which is actually more common in a polleria poultry shop or in a rosticceria rotisserie and hot table. A polleria is a store similar to the macelleria, but is of course more specialized in poultry and dairy products. To be more competitive, many store owners combine in their enterprise macelleria, salumeria, polleria, and rosticceria.

Many Italian macellerie offer among their products carne equina horse meat ; you will also find specialized macelleria equina. Italians buy fish in a specialized store called a pescheria. Because Italy is surrounded by the sea, the fish is normally di giornata fresh, literally caught that day. For obvious reasons, many pescherie open early in the morning.

In towns by the sea, freshly caught fish is sold in open markets near the seashore. Fresh fish is also sold by fishmongers who travel from town to town with their furgoncini or autonegozi. Note that many fish or seafood restaurants are also called pescheria. How much is the cod? Do you have canned anchovies? Do you sell frozen fish? A kilo of deboned dried cod, please. To buy frutta di stagione seasonal fruit or verdura vegetables , visit the local fruttivendolo or frutta e verdure or go to the local market. In many small towns, you will see a fruttivendolo ambulante traveling fruit seller , who will travel from town to town with his furgoncino small truck and a megaphone, inviting people to buy frutta fresca e di stagione fresh and seasonal fruit.

Un chilo di patate, per favore. A kilo of potatoes, please. Do you sell organic products? Do you have less-ripe bananas? Italians have an excellent reputation for baked goods. Each region offers a varied and extensive selection of torte, crostate, dolci, paste, etc.

Each town takes pride in offering their local and original desserts, which may be purchased at the local pasticceria. Many pasticcerie take pride in announcing that theirs is a pasticceria artigianale artisan pastry shop. The best time to visit a pastry shop is during special holidays such as Christmas and Easter, the St. Joseph feast, or the feast Shopping for Food of the patron saint of the town.

During these periods, pastry shops are at their best, even in their displays. The quality is always excellent, no matter what you buy: a torta di compleanno or torta della nonna, a crostata di mele or a torta al cioccolato, a torta al gelato or a torta alla crema, a dozen of paste or a dozen cannoli alla ricotta, some sfogliatelle or zeppole, half a kilo of biscotti di mandorla or biscotti al pistacchio, a cassata siciliana or some cantucci toscani, torroncini alla mandorla or torroncini al cioccolato, cioccolatini or caramelle or confetti.

Vorrei ordinare una torta alla I would like order a fresh-fruit flan. How much does this box of chocolates cost? In Italy you will find prepackaged ice cream in supermarkets, local grocery stores, variety stores, etc. However, for a gelato artigianale, in a cono or a coppetta, go to the local bar, a pasticceria, or to a specialized gelateria to enjoy an ice cream of your favorite gusto flavor sitting down at a table. In the gelateria you will find a wide variety of gelati alla crema or gelati alla frutta, gelati allo yogurt or sorbetti, gelati senza glutine or semifreddi partly frozen dessert , gelati affogati or gelati drinks, tartufi or spumoni, granite or crepes.

If you are served at the table you will also enjoy the elaborate presentation of the ice cream with cookies, fruits, and similar toppings. Che gusti avete? What flavors do you have? A lemon granita, please. An ice-cream cup with field berries. Shopping for Food Chiuso per ferie. Many Italians take their yearly vacations in July and August. Their preferred vacation period starts on ferragosto August 15 and lasts two weeks. During this period, many Italian cities are literally deserted and stores are closed.

Some stores might have special summer hours orario estivo. The sign orario unico indicates that the store is not closing for a lunch break, but has continuous hours. Chiusura pomeridiana means that the store will not open in the afternoon. Finally, chiuso per lutto means that the store is closed because of a death in the family. Chiuso per le feste. Closed for the holidays. Continuous hours. Closed in the afternoon. Closed for death in the family.

Italian cuisine is considered one of the best in the world; the so-called dieta mediterranea is also considered one of the healthiest diets. In Italy, mangiare bene and dolce vita go hand in hand; mealtime is also a way for a family to be together. Whether you eat at a very expensive restaurant or at a family-run trattoria, in a rosticceria rotisserie , a tavola calda hot buffet , a pizzeria, or at a mensa cafeteria at a working place or university , you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.

With the continuous flow of immigrants into Italy, restaurants offering international cuisine are more and more common. Still, Italians prefer their dieta mediterranea; they love home-cooked meals and generally dislike frozen food. Until the s, it was a rarity to find fast-food chains in Italy. However, things have changed now as Italians have created an Italian version of fast-food.

The most famous Italian fast-food chain is Spizzico. A typical time for Italians to eat dinner at a restaurant is P. Vorrei cambiare la mia prenotazione dalle sette I would like to change my reservation from to Unfortunately, I have to cancel my reservation. My apologies. To serve the always increasing numbers of people with celiac disease, many Italian restaurants offer gluten-free meals. If someone in your party is affected by this disease, it is always a good idea to specify your needs when calling the restaurant to make the reservation.

Use -a if you are female, -o if male. I am allergic to seafood. I am allergic to dairy products. I am allergic to peanuts. I am allergic to eggs. Many restaurants in tourist areas will offer, mainly at lunchtime, a menu turistico, or menu a prezzo fisso; these menus are offered at a convenient price and are excellent for tourists or office workers who want to have a very quick bite. The menu a prezzo fisso is also an excellent solution for dining out with a large group of friends or fam- Perfect Phrases in Italian for Confident Travel ily.

They normally consist of first and second courses with sides, and a small bottle of mineral water or a glass of wine. You may also explore the piatto del giorno special of the day or a menu vegetariano vegetarian menu. What is the special of the day? Do you offer a vegetarian menu? Italy is one of the top producers and consumers of wine, with each Italian region producing excellent wines. With such an excellent variety of wine, it is more than appropriate to ask the waiter for advice by using the expression Quale vino mi raccomanda?

What wine do you recommend? If you want to be more precise, ask, Potrebbe raccomandarmi un vino rosso leggero? Could you recommend a light red wine? Note that the expression vino della casa house wine might not be recognized by Italians; as alternative, use vino sfuso or vino locale. Besides wine, Italians drink a lot of mineral water. When ordering mineral water, specify if you prefer acqua minerale liscia flat mineral water or acqua minerale gasata sparkling mineral water.

Remember when ordering that ice is not normally served with drinks. Potrebbe portarmi la lista dei Could you please bring me the vini, per favore? Which are the local wines? Potrebbe consigliarmi un vino Could you recommend a wine to go per questo piatto? Even though the antipasto is supposed to be an appetizer, they are so rich and varied that at times they substitute for the main dish.

It is common, especially in family restaurants, to order a platter with mixed antipasti to be shared with the other members of the group. Potrebbe portarci un mix di antipasti, per favore? Could you please bring us a platter of mixed antipasti? Eating Out Come primo, gnocchi alla bolognese, per favore. Because Italian food is very popular in North America and all over the world, words like spaghetti, fettuccine, linguine, lasagne, gnocchi, antipasto, pizza, bruschetta, prosciutto, espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc.

However, ordering a pasta dish in Italian restaurants can often be problematic because of the many types of pasta and the regional variation of names. You can also order pasta with vegetables: pasta e ceci and chickpeas , pasta e piselli and peas , pasta e fagioli and beans , pasta e lenticchie and lentils , pasta e fave and fava beans , etc. Risotto in its many varieties is also very popular as a first course: risotto alla Milanese risotto Milanese style , risotto ai funghi porcini with porcini mashrooms , risotto allo zafferano with saffron , etc. In Italy, pasta is always cooked al dente; therefore specify if you want your pasta to be ben cotta well cooked.

While in Italy, do not order fettuccine Alfredo or pasta Alfredo as they will not understand what you are ordering. Order instead fettuccine alla panna. Is it homemade pasta? Could I have a bit of black pepper and a touch of chili pepper? It is common to ask the waiter how a specific dish is prepared and what kinds of sauces are used; in case of allergies it is imperative to ask, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

When ordering a steak, please remember that by default the steak will come al sangue rare ; to have it more well done, use the expression ben cotta well cooked or al puntino medium. If ordering fish, ask if it is fresco fresh or surgelato frozen , and how it is cooked: fritto fried , a vapore steamed , lesso boiled , ai ferri grilled , al forno baked , in umido with a light sauce. Do not expect to be served a side dish of Eating Out pasta or risotto as they are normally part of the first course.

And do not necessarily expect a salad. La bistecca ben cotta, per favore. A well-done steak, please. What sides come with my order? Italian restaurants offer a great variety of seasonal fruits pere, pesche, mele, melone , desserts tiramisu, cannoli, torta della nonna, mousse di cioccolato, torta di ricotta, crostata di mele, etc. Each region has its own specialty. Never order a cappuccino after breakfast! Instead of having dessert at a restaurant, it can be fun to go to the local pasticceria pastry shop or gelateria ice-cream parlor where you will probably find a wider selection of desserts and even better prices.

Potrei vedere la carta dei dolci, Could I see the dessert menu, please? As a digestif, I would like an Amaro Averna. An espresso with a dash of cognac, please. A grappa, please. The bill, please. How much do I owe you? Therefore, Italians normally just pay the amount on the bill; they may round it up. Nevertheless, it would be appropriate to leave a 10 percent tip, especially if you enjoyed the service and the food.

Potrebbe portarmi il conto, Could you please bring me the bill? On occasion, even when eating in the best restaurants, the waiter might bring the wrong dish. To rectify the situation, use the previous Italian sentence or simply state back what was ordered: Scusi, ma io ho ordinato… Pardon, but I ordered. My food is cold. The meat is not cooked enough. I believe that there is a mistake on the bill. Pizza could be considered the Italian version of fast food. In a pizza al taglio locale you can buy slices of pizza at a self-service table to eat there or to take out and eat while walking; in the tavola calda, you can buy a full pizza or part of it; in other similar locales, particularly in Naples, you will find pizza a libretto or pizza a portafoglio, where a small pizza is folded into four pieces and put in appropriate paper to be eaten while walking.

Of course, you can always order a pizza to be delivered at home pizza a domicilio or order a pizza da asporto or pizza takeaway take-out pizza. Note that in the menu beside each pizza you will normally find the ingredients used. Vorrei ordinare una pizza a domicilio, per favore. I would like to order a pizza for delivery, please. A take-out pizza, please.

Often Italians have a quick breakfast at the local bar. If you need Perfect Phrases in Italian for Confident Travel something more solid, you may want to order a premade panino or tramezzino. Note the appropriate and typical sequence to be served in a bar: First you pay alla cassa at the cash register , where you will get uno scontrino a bill , which you will redeem at the actual bar.

The barista will serve you and will tear your receipt.

jetypsawool的部落格 :: 痞客邦 ::

Please remember that when buying something in Italy it is important to always request a receipt, because you might be asked by a guardia di finanza to produce one outside of the shop or restaurant. If you are not able to do it, you and the owner of the business will be subject to a fine. Please remember also that no Italian will order a cappuccino after breakfast. Un cappuccino ed un cornetto, A cappuccino and a croissant, please.

A latte macchiato with a dash of milk and a chocolate croissant, please. A coffee with a dash of milk, please. Eating Out Un vermut, per favore. Not accepting such an offer is considered impolite, unless of course you have a good reason or excuse. As a courtesy, even if invited, it is acceptable to insist on paying the bill, even though it is difficult to find someone who will actually allow you to pay.

However, when possible, take the lead and invite the person for a drink yourself. If you do not mind, I would prefer a mineral water. An aperitif, please. A bitter, please. The Italian film industry has always been considered one of the best in the world. Italian artists have also won Oscars in original dramatic score, costumes, and other categories. The industry is constantly producing excellent directors, actors, and artists in the international scene.

Italian movies do quite well at the box office, even though the market is dominated by American movies dubbed into Italian. You will not find many Italian theaters that show movies in English. The cost for a movie ticket varies, depending on the day of the showing, from 4 to 5 euros for weekdays to 7 to 8 euros for Saturday Perfect Phrases in Italian for Confident Travel and Sunday. If you need to make a reservation online or by phone for very popular movies, the cost is normally 0,50 euro more.

Special prices or combo prices tickets plus snack might be available in some theaters. The price for a drink and a medium popcorn box is about 7 euros. Potrebbe suggerirmi una buona sala cinematografica, per Could you please suggest a good movie theater? How much does a ticket cost? Entertainment Cosa rappresentano al teatro greco di Siracusa? Italy has always produced excellent theatrical authors. Greek theaters such as the ones in Taormina or Syracuse, or the Arena in Verona, are still used for theatrical events.

Prices vary, from 15 to 35 euros, according to the theater, the company, city, play, and type of seat. For a premiere show or premiere theaters, prices are much higher. Special prices for students, seniors, schools, and groups are very common. Season tickets are also quite common. During the summer, many towns offer free concerts, theatrical plays, and similar events of good to excellent quality. Quanto dura lo spettacolo? How long does the show last? Even though it has its antecedent in the commedia musicale of the s—70s, the musical, as we know it today, has a very recent history in Italy.

The first long-running show was Grease, staged in in Rome and Milan; the show was a box-office hit. Since then, musicals have become popular in Italy, especially among the younger generation. Musicals are also an integral part of the entertainment in many tourist villages and resorts, which has contributed to the success of the genre in Italy. Cabaret shows and shows by Italian leading stand-up comics are also very popular. An average price for these types of shows is about 40 euros. For prices, show information, and the calendar of events, consult the Entertainment Spettacoli section in local newspapers, or search the Internet.

Many theaters provide ticket sales online biglietteria online with an extra charge of about 2 euros. Do you have a calendar of events in your theater? Italian is the language of music and opera; Italy has exported this prestigious form of art all over the world. Italian words like aria, concerto, allegro, adagio, andante, piano, soprano, etc. Prices for opera are quite expensive but not prohibitive, but you need to reserve your seat very much in advance.

For example, in the renowned Teatro alla Scala in Milan, you might find tickets as low as 18 euros and as high as euros. Of course, for premiere performances, the prices are much higher. What is the price for a season ticket? In the typical Italian town, during the summer, there is a different festival almost every weekend.

What time is the procession? What time are the fireworks? Young Italians, also in view of the high prices of theatrical plays, prefer to go to concerts, to go to the disco, to watch a soccer game at the stadio, or to spend free time with friends at a local bar. The price for a concert normally does not exceed 60 euros; a visit to a disco is about 20 to 25 euros and includes the admission and a drink; for about 50 euros you can get a good seat for a top soccer match. Which soccer team is playing today? The minimum age to be admitted into a disco in Italy is eighteen; the minimum drinking age in Italy is also eighteen, but unfortunately the laws and controls in Italian discos are very relaxed.

Quanto costa un biglietto per la discoteca? How much is a ticket for the discotheque? Entertainment Un cocktail, per favore. Oon cocktail pair fah-VOH-reh : A cocktail, please. The most common drink sold in Italian nightclubs and discos are cocktails and aperitifs, not wine. These locales can serve alcoholic drinks until A. Imported beers are also readily available. Un aperitivo, per favore. A Peroni beer, please.

A draft beer, please. If you prefer to spend time at home, it may be fun to rent an Italian movie or enjoy a television show. Movie rentals videonoleggio are less expensive in Italy than in North America; note, however, that you will be charged by the hour. Remember also that movie rental is not a very popular practice in Italy. Besides sports programs, reality shows and variety shows are very popular in Italy.

The most popular shows are aired on weekends. Do you have a TV guide? I would like to rent a DVD. The most important source of information for tourists in Italy is the ufficio informazioni turistiche tourist information office. The office is normally located in the very center of each city, usually in the piazza principale main square or close to the principale attrazione turistica major tourist attraction of the area.

Bigger cities and places with a strong tourist vocation might have more than one tourist information office, each located in a different area. In smaller towns, it may be that the office is open only for a few hours a day. The tourist information office is a great source for tourists and people who are not acquainted with the city. Almost every town, even the smallest, has at least one important place of interest or historic site. Main museums and the most significant tourist attractions are nor- Tourism and Sightseeing mally open year-round with one giorno di chiusura closure day during the week, in most cases on Monday.

Most of these are also closed on Christmas Day and a few other national festivity days. Sometimes museums and tourist attractions have a giornata a ingresso libero free entrance day for special occasions and events, so check with the tourist information office. Most museums and tourist sites offer visite guidate guided tours or audioguide audio guides at an additional cost.

Sometimes mostre temporanee temporary exhibitions are not included in the standard admission price, so ask the biglietteria ticket office about it if you are interested in visiting a special exhibition as well. In many museums and tourist sites, you can find a bookstore selling books, gifts, and souvenirs, as well as a bar or a restaurant. Is there a discount for seniors? Le chiese churches in Italy are a very important part of the patrimonio storico e artistico historical and artistic heritage.

Most churches are open all day and can be visited freely. Those with valuable affreschi frescoes , dipinti paintings , or sculture sculptures may have limited hours, and in a few cases there may be a fee to visit certain areas of the church. Sometimes, the entrance is vietata not allowed during the Messa Mass. In any case, please remember that these are religious places, and it is important to behave in an appropriate way: be properly dressed, fare silenzio be silent , and respect the people who are there to pray.

Also, make sure you are allowed to fare fotografie take pictures before you start snapping shots. Quando apre la chiesa? What are the Mass times? Tourist sites offer various sightseeing tours. They can be a piedi on foot within the centro storico historical center , in pullman by bus in large or more diffuse cities, or even in battello by boat in a few cases. Most tours are offered in several languages, but it is useful to know a few key phrases in Italian as well. Sometimes the tours will include some tempo libero free time to visit the site independently, but make sure to verify the meeting time and place with the rest of the group.

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Ah louis vuitton outlet the power of fashion! The seven piece capsule collection of Little Miss Stella will include an orange parka, T-shirt, jumper, pyjamas, bag, and a baby all-in-one and will come with a set of fabric pens that can be used to draw on the items - if you want to. The range caters for newborns right up to 14 years old coach factory outlet online which seems a tad Coach Factory Outlet optimistic to me. How sweet and innocent your kids must be Stella. Items from the Little Miss Stella collection will be available from August.

The announcement follows a rise in designer childrenswear and some kids surpass grown-ups in louis vuitton bags the style stakes. The Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted in a reduced Hobbs dress. Getting stuck-in playing table tennis, Kate looks lovely as usual and the bargain coach outlet high street find is a great shape. Cap sleeved with a wide neckline and nipped in waist, it made me want to check out what else is in store at Hobbs. Hobbs is a mid to upper market high street chain, aimed at if not at the more mature woman, then the working woman at least. NW3 is their younger, fashion forward brand.

It took the automated mild almost a instant to begin playful then shine, lighting up the invisible space. Going to one aspect he achieved up and toggled a change next to another mild. As this light came alive he toggled another, less noticeable change that produced the purr of operating equipment and in a short time Belstaff jackets a set up of awesome air whispered around him. He went to the work bench set against one of the granite walls and sat, starting the cupboard gates in a well-practiced, single motion.

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Through the vines, Helen saw her father stoop to pick from louis vuitton luggage the ground a few twigs that had escaped the eyes of the caretakers. His gray face, drawn and haggard, twitched and worked with the nervous Louis Vuitton Outlet stress of his thoughts. From under his heavy brows he glanced with the quick, furtive Louis Vuitton Purses look of a hunted thing, as though fearing some enemy that might be hidden in the near-by Louis Vuitton Bags shrubbery.

The young woman, shrinking from the look in his eyes, and not daring to make her presence louis vuitton bags known, remembered, suddenly, how the Interpreter had been reluctant to discuss her father's Louis Vuitton illness. Still in the glow of their wonderful experience at the Interpreter's cheap louis vuitton bags hut and the magnificent climax of that day's adventure, the children had determined to go yet louis vuitton farther afield.

It was true that their father had threatened dire results if they Louis Vuitton Bags should continue the acquaintance begun at the foot of the Interpreter's zigzag stairway, but, sufficient unto the day. They ended up being hence keen on Coach Outlet anyone most of.

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This behaviour so exasperated my father that he had recourse to the most dreadful imprecations; and on his bare knees implored that Heaven would renounce him if ever he Michael Kors Handbags should forget or forgive the barbarity of his sire. The by false stories to their prejudice, or else he would not have neglected them in such an unnatural manner.

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The actress was seen out and about at lunchtime. And just adding a little bit more, from the classic white cotton fabric or linen, to grey flannel, to dark or beige chinos as well as other clothing according to peoples' needs and requirements. The facts usually you can get no these kind of depth as a truth about abs hoax. There are numerous the united states with France Drop. Certainly some of the Magpies' other practising Muslims, including Hatem Ben Arfa, Moussa Sissoko and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, were pictured wearing training shirts with the phrases 'I love my students' on them.

Which one provides the best cut for your body and are not loose. Always check the water level and add water if needed.

User:Matthias Buchmeier/it-en-p

So then you just have to change the status quo. The New York Times," The perfect t-shirt is an essential and versatile part of every man's wardrobe. The monthly charge isn't excessive even you simply need to spend Money9. One other reason to learn to communicate Spanish is you can maintain an even better position to learn English. That is a crucial element of having a trim, healthy and balanced physique using a minimal unwanted weight percentage.

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Cerignola-Foligno (partita)

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If it's hard, you may need to wait a few days before using lululemon sale it. Instead, the value is calculated based on what individuals are willing to pay to avoid certain risks, and also on how much extra employers will pay their workers to take on additional risks. Most lululemon yoga pants of the data utilized is taken from payroll statistics.

If the patients return stating the drugs did not help then psychiatrists tend to simply ramp up the dosage or add even more drugs. But if you cannot control your desires and end up stealing, then the officers of an external control enter the picture. The need for external control exists when there is no internal control.

One of the first examples Lynas gave as a supposed scientific revelation; however, was his discovery that GMOs do not require the increased use of pesticides, a claim also made by the biotechnology industry, but one that does not actually hold water scientifically or factually by any stretch of the imagination. As it turns out, GMOs do require more pesticides and herbicides than conventional crops, despite what the GMO industry and its media lackeys portend.

The benefits program offered assistance to lower income families. But what's the one glaring omission? The word abortion. Now granted, the AP has applied the term "abortion" as a tag in the past, but it would seem imminently appropriate to do so for the biggest abortion story of the millennium thus far, wouldn't it?

In each and every story about Gosnell,The AP does employ 'abortion' as a tag. The Wall Street banks are primary dealers of sorts for the U. But put your body just three feet underground -- in a tornado shelter -- and all that debris flies right past you, harmlessly above your shelter. I attempt to find out by considering various other photos, as well. If you are hunting, you see it doesn't unfeignedly bring off with any chance set you own.

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Keep in mind that the numbers shown above are only for How bad is the drought situation here? It's critically bad, actually. Sun sensitivity was defined as being able to spend only 30 minutes or less in the sun without burning. Of course, such research does not prove that exposure to sunlight is a direct cause of less MS-related disability, or that such exposure would equally benefit all MS patients.

In particular, as Wikipedia reports:A federal emergency declaration allows the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA to exercise its power to deal with emergency situations, Isoflavones are produced from a branch of the general phenylpropanoid pathway which produces all flavonoid compounds in higher order plants. According to Phyllis and James Balch in their widely read book Prescription for Nutritional Healing, the isoflavonoids in red clover fight infection, suppress appetite, and purify the blood Those pipes lululemon outlet and water heaters were so radioactive that the junk yard in Brady, TX could not take them.

This method appears to be safer and come with less side effects than the synthetic drug-based versions.