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inextinguible definition: Adjective (comparative more inextinguible, superlative most Origin From Middle French inextinguible and its source, Latin inextinguibilis.

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How to Photograph the Moon – NASA Solar System Exploration

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How to Photograph the Moon

Shoot the Moon , ". The Films of Alan Parker, — Granger, Rod; Toumarkine, Doris November Mitchell, Deborah L. Diane Keaton: Artist and Icon. Denby, David January 25, New York. Films directed by Alan Parker. Hidden categories: CS1 French-language sources fr Good articles. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Every day as he drives home, he sees planes swooping down to land at Los Angeles International Airport. It would not be a stretch to say that some people might find this irksome — the noise alone — but Mr. Roa, 49, has an eye, of course, and his eye, one commute home 18 months ago, turned to a ripe full moon perched in the sky, plump as could be.

He noticed how perfectly silhouetted the planes were as they flew past the moon.

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He was driving along the Pomona Freeway. He took the next exit, which led him to the parking lot of the Montebello mall. Roa said. Two or three planes went by and I snapped a couple of shots. And there it was. I had it. And so he came to a very specific practice of photography. Then he would set up his tripod and shoot the moon. He posted his photos on Instagram, and this led to a lot of compliments from fellow photographers.

So he invited them out to shoot the moon with him.

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Some of them were press photographers in the area, including Nick Ut. Ut is best known for his Vietnam War photos, especially the image of the young girl running away from a bombed village, her clothes burned off her body by napalm. Ut and Mr. Rockets, which use propellants to continually accelerate as they travel, fall into the first category. Space travel as we know it has been almost exclusively the powered kind.

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This is because it is much less stressful on both the craft and its payload while they reach escape velocity the minimum speed and direction an object must travel so it doesn't fall back down or enter orbit around the planet. Bullets, which only accelerate until they leave the muzzle of the gun, have a harder time escaping. Therefore, we're going to need a bigger gun. Much, much bigger. Bigger than any gun ever built before. A pea shooter compared to the cannon necessary to put packages into space. We're going to need a Space Gun.

A space gun is a gun what launches objects into space. It's the unpowered alternative to rocket launches.

Shoot The Moon (iPad Gameplay Video) (First Play) (KID GAMING)

Jules Verne made the space gun concept famous in his science fiction classic, From the Earth to the Moon. The US military has made several attempts to build them as well, first with high explosives, then with electromagnetic rail and coil technology. This compressed hydrogen gas in the other end of the firing tube to 60, psi, launching an pound projectile at Mach 8. It shot a pound slug miles at 8, mph, using a caliber inch naval gun.

So military interest in recent years has waned.